10 Best James Bond Cars

Daniel Craig in front of an Aston Martin

The James Bond franchise has been consistently recognized for its love of product placement. The secret agent wears tailored suits, expensive watches and anything that his quartermaster Q can stuff even more gadgets into. The most notable gadgets Bond regularly uses are the cars, which often do much more than just drive.

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James Bond usually uses a car supplied by MI6, often tricked into a staggering amount of aftermarket customization, ranging from a simple ejection seat to full-blown science fiction. Bond seems to prefer an Aston Martin, but he’s a man who takes what he can. Bond’s driving skills make these cars capable of anything, even challenging physics.

10/10 The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish may have gone a bit far

While the gadgets While gadgets have long been an essential ingredient for a bond movie, the Vanquish may have been a little too ambitious. It’s not the only car with aftermarket modifications, but the technology leans on science fiction. This Aston Martin has the ability to use some form of optical camouflage, although the technology itself doesn’t make too much practical sense.

Although the Vanquish may be one of the more over-the-top bond cars, it fits the tone of his film. Die another day is full of huge narrative swings, such as an accomplice whose face is embedded in diamonds and a North Korean general who turns into a British nobleman. An invisible car fits.

9/10 The Bajaj RE breaks the mold of a Bond car

This vehicle may not have been supplied by MI6, it’s not even really a car, but that doesn’t stop 007 from taking it on an intense chase through the streets of Udaipur, India. This is one of the few non-sedans used before the Craig era, and it’s primarily for a comedic chase.

While most Bond chases are violent, the Bajaj’s order British spy isn’t protected by a car’s chassé, leaving him vulnerable to the unique arms of the men chasing him, including a yo-yo-like multi-bladed weapon . The openness of the vehicle allows Bond to interact directly with the locals, as opposed to the usual faster chases.

8/10 The Lotus Esprit S1 is multifunctional

The Lotus Esprit S1 on display in The spy who loved me is really a special vehicle. On its own it is a beautiful car that would fit in a bond movie, but the car’s most notable feature, the underwater mode, is where the Lotus Esprit is truly special.

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While the idea of ​​the flying car has long captured the imagination of mankind, the submarine as a concept has slept in. The ability to switch seamlessly between surface and underwater modes is a welcome addition to James Bond’s arsenal, allowing for both quick escapes and exploration of undersea environments, a task that often comes up for him.

7/10 The Citroën 2CV is the people’s car

Most bond cars are luxury vehicles offered as product placement for high-end brands. The Citroën featured in Just for your eyes was a cheap car marketed to bring motor vehicles to French farmers at low cost.

Bond is rescued by the car’s owner, Melina Havelock, from a hit man, leading to… one of the more cartoonish chases of the series. The chase ends almost quickly the first time it capsizes, only for Bond to be rescued by the locals. When driving down a hill, the car ends up on its side again, causing massive damage. It’s a strange but satisfying chase.

6/10 The BMW 750iL is a big toy

A lot bond cars seem to come from a child’s imagination, but not as much as the BMW 750iL. While some have oil slicks and built-in weapon systems, this misguided BMW is the first with remotes.

In Tomorrow never diesJames Bond is living out a childhood fantasy of many. The car is directly linked to his mobile, which flips open for a rudimentary remote control device. 007 can expertly control this revolutionary system and can even escape an assassination attempt by remotely controlling the BMW while hiding in the back seat.

5/10 The Aston Martin V8 Vantage returns to a classic with a bang

The Vantage featured in The Living Daylights was a long time coming. As the first Aston Martin in the franchise since the 1969s About Her Majesty’s Secret Servicethe bond franchise reunites with its most iconic partner with a newly revamped vehicle that doesn’t disappoint.

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The Vantage in the film is one of the more heavily armed cars handed over to the iconic spy, although this fits The living daylight to be one of the most violent bond movies. If this monster can’t destroy its enemies with its missiles or laser-cutting system, the vehicle’s self-destruct system is powerful enough to cover Bond’s escape.

4/10 The Toyota 2000GT is personalized

You only live twicetaking place in Japan is one of the weirder entries in the bond franchisee. While it has some really problematic moments — especially Connery’s yellow facial transformation — if viewers can ignore them, it also packs a lot of positive impressions of Japan’s growing economy.

The Toyota 2000GT is a beautiful car. It’s light and graceful, and the soft curved edges stand out against the spy’s usual vehicles. This car is in fact Daniel Craig’s favorite car from the series. An interesting anecdote is that Sean Connery was too tall to fit in the coupe, so the cars made for the film had to be removed from their roofs two weeks before filming.

3/10 The Mustang Mach 1 smokes the Las Vegas PD

The Mustang Mach 1, as seen in Diamonds are forever, is a piece of pure American muscle. This car has no fancy gadgets. It has no machine guns or oil slicks. The Mustang takes the Las Vegas police on a thoroughly entertaining chase, with nothing but pure horsepower.

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Bond leads Las Vegas cops on a chase through their city, driving down the strip and through parking lots. After a relatively elevated driving motion where Bond manages to lift the car completely onto its right wheels in a smooth flight, only 007 could handle it.

2/10 The Aston Martin DB5 is legendary

When people think of James Bond’s car, the only real option is the Aston Martin DB5. This post was first seen in goldfingerincluding one of the most iconic villains of the series. The DB5 is a mainstay in the series and often returns as a throwback car.

The DB5 is the first bond Car with extensive upgrades (From Russia with love‘s Bentley only has a car phone). The upgrades are largely conventional and focus on defense, escape and pursuit. This Aston Martin is Bond’s car, and he will stay with him as long as he has a movie series.

1/10 The Aston Martin DBS V12 sums up his film perfectly

Casino Royal was conceived around a single principle, to take the bond movies and update them with grounded action and modern storytelling. As the first car of this soft reboot, the DBS had to hark back to the essence of James Bond, without bringing out the iconography outright.

The DBS is fast and powerful, but doesn’t exactly have any gadgets. This vehicle has only three upgrades, a reinforced chassis, a hidden compartment for weapons and a medical field equipment. In a particularly tense moment of vulnerability, the medical kit’s antidote and defibrillator save 007’s life, proving that wild gadgets are not necessary for a bond Car.

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