10 Best Military Trucks Ever Made

MTVR truck

Military trucks are vehicles used by almost everyone army in the world. They are affordable and essential for many needs of today’s armed forces. In the military, trucks are used for many different roles such as transporting cargo, supplies, equipment, troops and more. These vehicles often have significant payload differences from: light commercial vehicles, which is why they are mainly used for transportation purposes. When it comes to their main features, we value high reliability, the maximum payload, production numbers, mobility on all terrains and more to rank the best of this type. Most militaries use older military truck designs that have proven to be very reliable and durable over the decades (some can even be driven on the street).

Some of these trucks date back decades, although they have been upgraded, improved and modified since their first release. So let’s take a look at the ten best and most successful military trucks in the world.

10 IVECO M250

The Italian manufacturer IVECO has built great military vehicles, especially trucks. Its great mobility on and off the road allows the truck to work on even the most difficult surfaces. The particular model comes with a 6×6 configuration, but a 4×4 version (M170) and an 8×8 version (M320) are also available.

The maximum payload is different in each version, for example the M250.45WM can carry cargo weighing up to 7,630 pounds. The heavy transport aircraft C-130 Hercules can carry M250 trucks with some quick changes.


The American LVSR was designed as a successor to the Oshkosh Mk.48 series. The Marine Corps wants 2,000 of these vehicles, with first deliveries beginning in 2009. Their main task is to transport equipment weighing many tons.

With a 10×10 configuration, LVSR can carry nearly 12 tons off-road and 20.4 tons on the road. The vehicle is equipped with an armored cab and energy absorbing seats, and an additional armor set is also available.

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Another US-made truck, the HEMTT (which stands for Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) is an 8×8 heavy-duty truck that can operate on any surface and in any climate. More than 15,000 trucks were builtincluding different versions.

These vehicles perform various tactical missions for the US military. There is an optional supplemental armor kit that provides additional protection for the crew. Last but not least, there are better versions, such as the HEMTT A4, which come with upgrades compared to the base HEMTT.


The Russian KamAZ-5350 has been produced since 2003 and has a simple, but successful and proven design. There are 4×4 and 6×6 versions available…

On any terrain, the maximum payload is 6 tons, although the KamAZ truck can pull trailers weighing up to 7 tons.


The Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement was developed by Oshkosh to be used by the United States Navy and Marine Corps. It features a 6×6 configuration that gives the truck decent mobility and reliability. It has successfully exported to countries like United Kingdom, Iraq, Egypt, Greece and more.

On the road, it can carry cargo with a maximum weight of 7 tons, while off-road it has a maximum payload of 15 tons. It can also pull anything that weighs less than 11 tons.

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5 KrAZ-6322

The Ukrainian-made heavy truck has a reliable and proven design. The truck is produced since 1999 and has been exported to many countries, such as Angola, Egypt, India and more.

The maximum payload it can carry is 10 tons, although it can tow a trailer of up to 30 tons. At airports, it can tow any aircraft with a maximum weight of 75 tons. Its basic role is to transport troops. The vehicle can accommodate 24 soldiers and transport them on any terrain with its off-road capabilities.

4 Urals-4320

The Russian off-road truck follows the path of the Ural-375, which went into production in 1961. The design is completely conventional, but no major changes have been made to it.

The maximum weight it can carry is 4.5 tons off-road and 6 tons on the road. It is also designed for use in temperatures between -58 and 122 Fahrenheit.


The MAN SX series could not miss the list as it is very successful and serves the armed forces of many countries.

The maximum payload is 14 to 16 tons for the 8×8 SX45 trucks, although the 6×6 SX44 is also available. The trucks are designed to carry heavy military equipment such as rocket launchers, radar and more. The SX’s engines are located behind and under the cab. This layout helps to reduce the height of the vehicle. Its mobility allows it to travel at the same pace as other military trucks.

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2 M1078 LMTV and M1083 MTV

Both models have over 90% common compartmentssuch as the cab, engine, tires and more. The base vehicle M1078 is designed for cargo transportation, while the M1083 is the base model 6×6.

The advantages of these trucks are their reliability, their low production and maintenance costs and their long-term efficiency. Their design allows them to perform excellently in the 21st century, which is why they have been offered in many countries worldwide.

1 Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG

Although the German UNIMOG was designed in 1946 (several years after World War II), it is still one of the most efficient and successful designs of its kind. Even 70 years later, the truck is still being produced. It is interesting that the basic design is almost the same.

Mercedes-Benz, which has also been producing the highly successful G-class military light commercial vehicle for decades, developed UNIMOG in 4×4 and 6×6 versions. The truck comes with excellent off-road capabilities, is reliable and very effective in its tasks. UNIMOG can serve as transport vehicles for troops or equipment, ambulances, command vehicles and more.