10 Best Modifications for the Honda Rebel


The Honda Rebel is one of the best cruiser bike brands on the market today. It comes with three different engine capacities; Rebel 300 (286 cc), 500 (471 cc) and 1100 (1084 cc). The Rebel 1100 is the most powerful, with 81 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque, while the Rebel 300 and 500 are ranked as some of the best small cruiser bikes for beginners. All these Honda bikes are budget friendly and have an accessible size for short riders. Plus, they can be easily customized with unlimited aftermarket mods.

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Customization completely changes the bike’s ergonomics to the rider’s preference. Motorbikes are cheap and easy to modify compared to cars. Some mods are just for looks, while others improve performance and controls. Whether you want to boost performance, add a dose of personal style, or just add a few useful amenities, these are the 10 best aftermarket modifications for the Honda Rebel.

10 Exhaust and exhaust

Aftermarket exhausts are a popular mod among the biker community. They give the bike a new look and improve the performance of the bike. Then some like the rumbling tone of the exhausts at higher revs.

Whether you’re just replacing the muffler or the entire manifold, an aftermarket performance exhaust system guarantees a little extra horsepower. You can also achieve a significant weight reduction by installing an exhaust system made of carbon fiber, titanium or other lightweight materials.

9 crash bar

Falling or falling off a bike is every rider’s nightmare. Although accidents are sometimes unavoidable, it is better to be prepared in advance. In addition to protecting the rider, crash bars protect the Honda Rebel from scratches, dents and further damage to the engine and other vulnerable parts.

In addition, the rider can rest their legs on the bars, stretching and taking a break from the footrest position of the motorcycle while cruising on the highway. Some bars have a small bag set that keeps the wind from hitting your legs. The bag also serves as a storage compartment.

8 saddle bag

Two wheels offer a lot in the way of fun and adventure. Unfortunately, they offer limited options when it comes to storage. Any experienced rider knows how essential storage space is on a bike. Most aftermarket manufacturers are responding to this by supplying rear bags, hard cases and backpacks.

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A wide range of aftermarket saddlebags for the Honda Rebel flow naturally with the lines of the rear section of the motorcycle and remain one of the most sought-after accessories. Best of all, the Rebel doesn’t beg for attention with custom saddlebags while cruising the highway.

7 License plate mover

This mod does not contribute to the performance or handling of the bike; it only adds to the aesthetics and gives the Rebel an appealing look. It is also easy to install. You do not need to seek help from a professional.

The stock plate holder hangs low on the back of the Rebel. This doesn’t sit well with most riders who prefer a sleek plate mover that keeps the license plate on the fender. As a note, the aftermarket plate mover eliminates the stock turn signals and large plastic taillight.

6 Chair

While there’s little to complain about the Honda Rebel, long-distance cruising on the stock seat will leave you looking for a better-padded seat. Like the levers and tank pads, the saddle is also a point of contact between you and the bike. Changing or upgrading it greatly improves your driving experience.

In addition to comfort, aftermarket seats are an alternative mod to raise or lower the ride height. Wider seats are preferred because they distribute the rider’s weight evenly. There is a wide range of aftermarket seats for the Rebel, including performance seats and seats for two.

5 Shocks and spring set

The aftermarket suspension will always exceed the stock suspension. Manufacturers simply adjust shocks to match the bike’s price tag. For the vast majority, the stock suspension that comes with the Honda Rebel can handle the rider’s weight and a few pieces of luggage.

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But if you’re looking to improve your bike’s handling for a smoother ride, suspension upgrades are a worthwhile investment. Depending on the ride quality you want, you can raise or lower the ride height with aftermarket suspension. You can also choose between a comfortable or sporty setting.

4 Air filter

An aftermarket air filter works wonders when it comes to bike performance. It’s an easy adjustment on paper, but it pays off with better performance and better fuel economy. The recalibrated air intake beats the Rebel’s stock filter as it feeds the engine with more air, helping to unleash maximum engine performance.

The air intake mod requires a well ventilated aftermarket exhaust system to get maximum power. Good aftermarket air filters are quite expensive, but they are worth every penny in the long run.

3 Ties

A better grip guarantees the bike’s improved handling – the two complement each other. However, manufacturers do not invest much in tires because they wear out over time. Instead, they fit bikes with generic and multi-purpose tires. Therefore you should consider: getting the right tires to suit your driving style and weather.

Treaded hard compounds suit the Honda Rebel because it is a commuter cruiser bike. High-quality rubber enhances grip and traction, making the bike better in corners. In addition, they help give the rider more confidence when cruising on the highway.

2 Windshield Fairing

The windshield is one of the most neglected parts of a bicycle and many claim it creates air resistance. Helmets act as a windshield for the rider. For this reason, many riders and manufacturers do not pay attention to the windshield of the motorcycle, as seen on the Honda Rebel. Fortunately, there are a variety of aftermarket windshield fairings for the Rebel.

When properly mounted, the windshield reduces drag by directing airflow around your cruiser bike. It also reduces fatigue caused by shocks on long rides. And yes, the windshield fairing adds to the Rebel’s aesthetic, especially when tinted with a custom look.

1 turn signals

Aftermarket turn signals don’t contribute to performance upgrades, but their appearance on the bike certainly makes up for it. Honda Rebel comes with ugly turn signals sticking out on the outside. Fortunately, you can get sexy looking indicators in standard or LED options.

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You can also get recessed turn signals that don’t protrude. Most have visible LED lighting. Flush indicators sit more against the body, giving the Rebel a sleek design. Their main advantage is that you can drive more safely at night because other drivers can see you clearly.