10 Best Used Sports Cars For Budget Conscious Car Enthusiasts

2000 Honda S2000

Sports cars may not be as popular as it was a decade or two ago, but the section of enthusiasts who appreciate the engineering and performance of a good sports car will never go away. In fact, the global sports car market expected to reach $67 billion by 2022but with the rising prices of new cars, most enthusiasts prefer to look for their sports cars on the used market.

This is a wise decision as depreciation affects sports cars and supercars more than most other segments, meaning buyers can get the most out of their money buying used. Even then, some used sports cars are simply better value for money, due to their high reliability ratings, build quality, fun factor and even investment potential.

Here are the best used sports cars a sane, budget-conscious enthusiast can buy.

10 Chevrolet Corvette C5

Flip-up headlamps were phased out in the sixth-generation Corvette (2005-2013), introducing the fixed headlamp style that has continued to this day. While not as lavish as the current C8 Corvette, the C6 Corvette marked the beginning of Corvette’s gradual delivery of elaborate interiors.

This generation of Corvettes is a current or future performance machine, even in its most basic configuration. The LS3, a 6.2-liter V8 with 430 horsepower, was the base engine in the Corvette from 2008 to 2013. The Corvette is a formidable vehicle for the street or track when fitted with the standard Magnetic Ride Control suspension. You can get the 3LT model for $25,000 today.

9 Toyota MR2 (third generation)

After the successful third generation in 2007, the famous MR2 retired. The MR2 is one of the hallmarks of a fuel-efficient sports car with a mid-engine architecture and perhaps a manual or automatic transmission that gives power to the rear tires.

With a four-cylinder engine of only 140 hp and a curb weight of just over a ton, it won’t be fast right away. However, the aftermarket industry still has enough parts to help the fanatic make it even more alive. You can get this 2005 MR2 Spyder for $14,888

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8 2019 Toyota GT 86

The Toyota GT 86 might even be worth a look if you don’t care about practicality. It was built from the ground up to be a sports car, and it looks more like a classic supercar than a modern sports car. Because Toyota kept it light, it doesn’t need a lot of power, indicating that 205 horsepower is enough for a torque that isn’t too strong.

The Toyota GT 86 is a rear-wheel drive car with extremely thin tires. They are shared with the environmentally conscious Toyota Prius, a fantastic combination. With its modest cost and reduced power, the GT 86 has a rear appeal. You can get all this without breaking your bank.

7 Porsche Boxster (first generation)

Have you always talked about wanting a Porsche, but you probably couldn’t afford one? The first-generation Porsche Boxster is the most cost-effective way to buy a Porsche 911† However, it has a flat-six engine that produces 200-280 horsepower, depending mainly on the model and year.

Porsche fans admired what the company had accomplished for the common citizen, but the Boxster’s value has plummeted. After all, every Porsche is sporty and luxurious and that is determined by the driver. The 1996 Porsche Boxster is something that represents any sports car, but better in terms of sportiness.

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6 2000 Honda S2000

Among enthusiasts and media people, the Honda S2000 was almost as well-known as the Mazda MX-5. Here’s another two-seat sports car, provided by the manufacturer’s reliability to provide the fanatic with a lifetime of thrills.

It is ideal to have about 237 horsepower in a car under 3,000 pounds. The S2000’s style is as antique as it gets. Getting a quality S2000 won’t blow the budget and you won’t be upset.

5 Ford Mustang (fifth generation)

Are you looking for a pony automobile from the United States? The Ford Mustang is a good example of this. The fifth-generation Mustang is a throwback to the original Mustangs, and quite frankly, it’s quite nostalgic. To experience this nostalgia, you have to pay about $10,000

It may not seem like much, but there is a huge alternative world for American cars like the fifth generation Ford Mustang, with either a V6 claiming just 210 horsepower to the big American 4.6L V8 pumping 300 horses to the rear wheels.

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4 2007 Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky

The Solstice/Sky was developed by Pontiac/Saturn from 2006 to 2010, when the company went bankrupt. They are designed with the enthusiast in mind and are adored by a devoted following. They are designed to compete with cars like the Mazda Miata, indicating that they were designed with the driver’s pleasure in mind.

Every enthusiast wants to take the corners, have a powerful engine and have fun. This is the car for you if you are a gearhead looking for something that speaks the language, takes the walk and is underrated, ignored, and affordable

3 2013 Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ is identified exactly as the Toyota GT 86, with only minor stylistic differences. So it comes down to personal preference or whose badge or dealer you could get your hands on. The 2013 BRZ is also relatively cheaper.

It has a 2.0-litre turbo engine that produces 197 horsepower, similar to the GT 86, so it’s not the fastest car on the road, but it thrives on tight roads to ensure your sporty fun. Both cars have automatic transmissions, but the six-speed manual is highly preferred as it is much more efficient and enjoyable.

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2 2008 Charger SRT8

Dodge revived their most famous sports car in the form of a four-door sedan for the 2008 prototype, and despite some debate over the naming, it was a big hit. The charger has become available to consumers in just under the $15,000 marketand it delivers good performance in a compact that can comfortably accommodate five people.

The R/T variant, with a 5.7-litre Hemi V8 engine and a five-speed automatic gearbox, is the most powerful model in this price range. Those looking for a V8 with more savings could find one that used to be used by the police for much less.

1 2010 Nissan 370Z

The current generation 370Z has been on the market since 2009; however, a 2013 upgrade scatters the evolution in half. As the name suggests, the 370Z is powered by a 3.7-liter V6 engine and had 332 horsepower and 269 lb of performance when new.

For example, the SynchroRev Match was a first for the 370Z. This feature “blips” the throttle on throttle response on six-speed manual transmissions, ensuring a seamless transition when the clutch is released. This feature has since spread to several other brands, and BMW cars whose power is manually transferred use a variant of this technology. For just under $20,000, this beauty can be yours!

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