10 Best Vehicle Modifications

A Compton sits next to a Gibraltar in Saints Row

Despite mediocre reviews since its release in late August 2022, the reboot Saints Row has enjoyable immersive experiences to keep gamers engaged. For example, players can customize their cars, trucks, bikes, boats, tanks and planes with various upgrades and cool aesthetic perks, be it a crazy food truck or an expensive DLC vehicle.

Of course, the most ideal adjustments in the Saints Row reboot combine mode with function to not only dazzle Santo Ileso customers, but also dash past rival gang members and traverse the sprawling open-world city as efficiently as possible.


Galaxy material paint

The Saints Row reboot offers six Standard Paint styles, including Candy, Gloss, Iridescent, Matte, Metallic and Pearlescent. However, by completing the Cutting Edge Venture and its mission, players can customize their vehicles with even more striking paint jobs made from Cutting Edge materials, including airplanes and watercraft.

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While the colors of the Cutting Edge material paint cannot be changed, the custom Galaxy Material paint job is a beautiful aesthetic upgrade that makes vehicles look like stunning rainbow-colored celestial bodies blazing across the night sky. Of all the customizable paint jobs in the game, none are more visually appealing.

nitrous oxide

For a worthy $10,000 prize, players can customize their vehicles with blazing Nitrous boosters, which is a must-have in a game that’s a huge open world video game mapOutrun the police, chase enemies and complete time-sensitive missions and side missions.

While not as powerful as the Infinite Boost Signature Ability, which supports the nitrous boost as long as a driver doesn’t hit oncoming traffic, the Nitrous booster will temporarily increase the speed of a player’s vehicle regardless of the road surface, which is ideal whether you’re in a driving high performance sports car, motorcycle or monster truck.

Off-road set

Whether you are driving through Badlands or Rojas Desert, every Saints Row player must upgrade his vehicle’s four-wheel capabilities. Earning $10,000 allows players to do just that by customizing their vehicles with the invaluable Off-Road Kit, which provides everything a car needs to keep up on unpaved roads.

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The off-road kit, in particular, will greatly improve a vehicle’s handling as it hurtles through sand, dirt, debris, mud, grassland and other non-traditional road surfaces. While many vehicle modifications are purely cosmetic, the off-road kit significantly improves performance and should not be ignored.

Tow rope

The latest piece of customizable vehicle equipment available in the popular 2022 open world game Includes a tow rope, which is ideal for any player to use. The tow rope attaches to the rear bumper of the vehicle and can be used to hook up vehicles, pull them out of the way or even tow them to Jim Robs for repair. Players can even steal bank vaults and drag them back to their home base.

The tow rope is required to unlock the Towing Payload Smashes signature ability and is also required to free a sculpture in the Art Appreciation Mission. As such, custom gear is far more valuable than, say, a leopard decal or a glowing rim.


Another great way to make a player’s vehicle stand out on the road is to customize their bumpers and spoilers, which combine fashion and function to improve overall performance. While players can customize everything from antennas, hoods and mirrors to roofs and side skirts, custom bumpers and spoilers not only look cool, they also help a driver beat rivals on the road.

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By customizing large bumpers, players can strengthen a vehicle and limit the amount of damage caused by enemies bumping into it. In addition, numerous spoiler options allow players to increase the downward force on the rear of the vehicle to improve traction and braking. For the most optimal results, players should try the high rear spoiler (option 7) for the Courser car.

Tire Size/Width

While tinted windows, decals and underglows are cool to look at, customizing a player’s vehicle with the right tires is far more important to success in the beloved western themed RPG. Fortunately, the game offers eight different tire types and players can even customize the size and width of their wheels, as well as front and rear axles.

Depending on the vehicle a player uses or what road surface they have to travel to complete a mission or side mission, they can customize their ride with extra low, low, normal, high, and extra high tires. Players can even adjust the tire width to align perfectly with the rear bumper, making for an extremely balanced alignment. Extra high tires are ideal for unloading. For paved straights, low tires work best.

circus clown horn

For many, Saints Row is escapistically nice not to be taken so seriously. When it comes to one of the most amusing audio vehicle adaptations offered in the game, hurtling through Santo Ileso’s traffic while using the wacky Circus Clown Car Horn is perfectly suited to the absurd sense of humor of the game.

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While the game offers various customizable horn sounds including minivan, pickup truck, SUV, sedan, sports car, motorcycle and others, Circus Clown Horn joins themed music and party themed horn sounds that make touring the sprawling open world city that much more. enjoyable.

Upgrade Kit

For a cash prize, players can improve the overall performance of their vehicles by customizing them with upgrade kits that range from Tier 1 to Tier 3. Unlike Signature Abilities which are variant dependent, upgrade kits have no such restrictions and can be used by any player regardless of their ride.

By customizing vehicles with an upgrade kit, the game unlocks a special ability that increases speed, performance, durability, and handling, the quintessential quadfecta of racing success. As such, it’s worth saving money and spending on the customization to get through the content-rich open world video game.

Sounds of muscle and exotic sports engines

For gearboxes, there are few sounds more beautiful than a roaring engine. Satisfying, Saints Row allows players to customize the aural and guttural sounds of their vehicle’s Engine Audio to their own taste. Want to throw a diesel engine into an old-school Bucket and hear what it sounds like? Or how about making a Diggum sound like a golf cart? All possible in the game.

As for the absolute best sounding Audio Engine modifications, players should use the Muscle Standard, Muscle Sport and Muscle Luxury with the Ethel, Hollywood or Dreadnaught. Even better, tune an Attrazione with an Exotic Sports engine and hear how great it sounds on the road.

Signature Skills

Without a doubt the most valuable vehicle modification in Saints Row is Signature Abilities, six of which can be unlocked by progressing through the story and completing main missions. Signature Abilities are tools that can be added to a vehicle to thwart enemies on their tail. However, only one variant-dependent Signature Ability can be associated with a vehicle.

Players can customize their ride with Crab Steering, Ball & Chain, Ejector Seat, Kneecappers, Infinite Boost and Jump Signature Abilities, a combination of offensive and defensive strategies to evade enemy vehicles in Santo Ileso. While only six of the nine Signature Abilities are customizable, they are well worth completing missions.

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