10 Best Vehicles in the Battlefield Franchise


The Battlefield franchise is synonym of epic vehicles. The ability to jump into a plane or tank and continue playing seamlessly has been a core feature of the game since the very beginning of the series! Not to mention the sheer variety in the games is mind boggling.

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However, balancing these vehicles and their interactions with infantry can be difficult at times. This usually results in both broken and overpowered vehicles! These are the top 10 vehicles in the Battlefield franchise.


10/10 Heavy Tank (BF1)

The Heavy Tank is arguably the best tank option in Battlefield 1. One of the best features introduced in this game was the ability for armored vehicles to deflect both tank grenades and missiles! The Heavy Tank benefited greatly from this feature due to both the model and the design of the tank.

Due to the steep angles on its face, The Heavy Tank can repel most frontal attacks! This results in an overall much higher capacity to eat hits. As if the tank wasn’t strong enough already, it has: fantastic armor suits perfectly with the overpowered armor. All in all, this makes it a phenomenal breakthrough tank.

9/10 Panzer 4 (BF5)

The Panzer 4 is an amazing beginner friendly tank that can be used in all situations. This tank is fast, agile and packs a nasty punch! The standard gun even has the some strongest splash damage stats against infantry. Note that there are two settings that the player can perform with the Panzer 4. The first method is to go all the way to the right in the specialization tree. This gives the tank Spotting Flares and S-mines that dominate the infantry while preserving its explosive power.

The other option is to specify the full left side, which allows the Panzer 4 to fully erase enemy armor. This path enhances the cannon allowing it to fire faster and further even with the use of anti-armor grenades.

8/10 Superhind/Condor (BF2042)

Both the Superhind and Condor transport vehicles are threat for infantry in Battlefield 2042. Fortunately, Dice recently nerfed both overpowered vehicles. However, before the nerf, both transport vehicles were capable of destroying enemy armor, attacking air vehicles, and even decimating infantry while absorbing enemy fire effortlessly.

But don’t get it wrong, these vehicles are still insanely powerful. The Superhind and Condor each have two miniguns, an automatic grenade launcher and the ability for 2 players to simultaneously repair the helicopter while flying. This results in players being able to punish enemy infantry while still being tank-like enough to fly into enemy territory.

7/10 Scout Helicopter (all games)

Scout helicopters in any Battlefield game are very capable vehicles when piloted by an experienced pilot as their maneuverability is easy unparalleled! However, these helicopters are extremely difficult to control. The weapons they are equipped with in BF3/BF4 require their pilots to be deadly accurate with their minigun sprays, while also moving seamlessly in and out of cover.

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BF2042 ditches those power dynamics by making the Scout Helicopter terribly easy to use for any player. Instead of laser-guided missiles, the helicopter now uses anti-infantry missiles with high splash damage. This has en masse increased the lethality of the reconnaissance helicopters (now called nocturnal birds) in BF2042.

6/10 Attack jet fighter (BF4)

The attack plane in Battlefield 4 is arguably the largest air vehicle in Battlefield 4. It has the ability to make any enemy threat it faces a breeze! Equipped with a massive 30mm cannon, this beast can shred both air and land vehicles.

The cannons underneath can destroy planes and helicopters in one go! If the player is accurate enough of course. This, combined with missiles or unguided bombs, can destroy armored vehicles like no other. The only things that can counter this plane are stealth jets and AA vehicles. However, a good attack jet pilot knows how to destroy these vehicles before they become a problem.

5/10 Attack helicopter (BF4)

The attack helicopter in all Battlefield games is a force to be reckoned with. The sheer damage potential allows a skilled duo of players to dominate the round with ease. In Battlefield 4 in particular, the Attack Helicopter kit lets the pilot and gunner dominate all types of threats, even other helicopters! The pilot has access to many versatile missiles and a choice of air-to-air missiles, laser-guided missiles or trailing missiles.

The drag missile is the best choice for an experienced pilot, but aiming this colossal weapon must be mastered be effective. Taking the helicopter to the next level allows players to unlock a thermal cannon to make spotting those tiny spec on the ground (infantry, ) easily visible. The gunner also has access to TV-guided missiles which, like the pilot’s drag missile, must be mastered to be most effective.

4/10 BF-109G-6 (BF5)

The BF-109 G-6 is one of the all-time best airplanes in the history of battlefield. Most of the aircraft vehicles in Battlefield 5 have already been hilariously overpowered, but the BF-109 G-6 takes the cake as the best out there. This is largely because it has one of the most powerful specialization trees in the entire game. The G-6 has the great option of equipping the supercharger engine as well as using 2 very strong missiles. The supercharged engine allows the G-6 to easily outsmart enemy aircraft and escape ground fire, while the missiles are simply a fantastic all-round weapon.

From airplanes to tanks, these missiles have: no problem take out enemies. As if you needed a better reason to love the plane, the G-6 can also equip 4 machine guns that will literally melt enemy planes and players!

3/10 Stealth helicopter (BF2042)

One of the newer vehicles added to Battlefield 2042, the Stealth Helicopter, is one of the most broken vehicles in Battlefied history. Even after multiple nerfs, this helicopter will still dominate a match. The Stealth Helicopter is agile and deadly even before going into “stealth” mode. In stealth mode, the helicopter can not are attacked by lock-on missiles. In addition, the helicopter pilot can drop bombs that are effective on all ground targets, leaving enemies vulnerable for the gunner to quickly dispose of.

Although not in stealth mode, the helicopter has access to a 30MM autocannon which can be quite easily out gun enemy infantry. It also gives players a choice between rocket guns or flares that pilots prefer!

2/10 Ilya-Muromets bomber (BF1)

Added in the Name of the Tsar DLC, the Ilya-Muromets (heavy bomber) can destroy enemy infantry on the ground. This heavy hitter’s main weapons are High-Explosive Cluster Bombs that can be dropped on incredible heights! These bombs can be used to great effect for breakthroughs and operations on the objective points.

The bomber has a pointed downwards explosive cannon for easy view of the ground below, as well as a camera to spot enemy targets. The icing on the cake is the multitude of bomber machine guns that can attack opponents! Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the bomber, however, is the specialized seat made just for an engineer, meaning this beast of a vehicle can be repaired all match long!

1/10 Churchill Crocodile (BF5)

This squad reinforcement tank is easily the most overpowered vehicle in Battlefield 5. The player can only spawn in the vehicle if his squad reaches 20750 squad points, which thankfully limits the number of Churchill crocodiles that can be spawned at once. This tank hull also has a 75mm gun. But unlike the normal Churchill tank, this one is: considerable better. The crocodile’s cannon has an ammunition type called the APCRBC-HE, which is a grenade with the fastest shell speed In the game! Plus, not to mention the largest single-stroke radius for infantry (excluding the Sturmtiger grenade).

The tank also has little to no bullet drops, allowing the crocodile to snipe opponents across the map! One important thing to keep in mind for the tank is that while the Flamethrower option is tempting, it’s generally not a good idea. This is because it seriously restricts the driver’s view! If possible, get a repairman to get this tank working in battle, and this thing will be nearly impossible to kill. A good team in combination with this vehicle can turn the tide of any race!

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