10 fastest GTA Online cars (with top speed) in 2022

Fastest cars players can get in GTA Online (Images via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players love driving fast cars around the city because moving fast in this game gives players a huge advantage in almost any activity or mission.

But over the years, Rockstar Games has added countless new and unique cars through their updates and DLCs. Therefore, finding the fastest cars in GTA 5 is not so easy because there are so many options. It will be especially difficult for new or returning players to decide which car to buy.

In an effort to make things easier, this article provides the player with a list of the 10 fastest cars that they can buy in GTA Online.

10 fastest cars players can buy to take advantage in GTA Online

The speed of every car on this list has been measured with speed improvement upgrades players can get Hao’s Special Works, a new Auto Shop in the LS Car Meet.

10) Ocelot Pariah – 136 mph

Ocelot Pariah’s performance is truly amazing. It outperforms Elegy RH8, Neo and Jugular in the Sport category and would also be competitive in the Supers category.

It boasts supercar-level engine power, despite appearing to have a massive-displacement inline-4 engine, giving it an extraordinarily high top speed and acceleration.

9) Pfister Astron Custom – 137 mph (HSW)

youtube cover

Pfister Astron Custom is an SUV in GTA Online as part of the Expanded & Enhanced Edition of the game.

This is a version of Astron with wider wheel arches and minor adjustments to the side panels, which appear to have been modernized and partially painted.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, Astron Custom’s maximum speed is 119.25 mph. However, when the Astron Custom is upgraded with the PS5/XSX-exclusive HSW enhancements, it can reach an insane top speed of 137.00 mph.

8) bermacht Sentinel XS – 137.75 mph (HSW)

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Sentinel XS is a two-door sports car produced by Übermacht, and it is a high-performance variant of the Sentinel.

The performance of this version is significantly better than the standard model, with higher top speed, handling and braking. The only aspect of this car that is comparable to the regular variant is durability, which is identical to that of the standard version.

7) Coil Cyclone II – 141.00 mph (HSW)

youtube cover

The Coil Cyclone II is an electric hypercar that appeared in GTA Online as part of the Expanded & Enhanced Edition of the game.

The car can take players from 0 to 100 mph in just 30 seconds and has the power of four regenerative engines. So it takes the crown for the car with the fastest acceleration in GTA Online.

6) Imponte Arbiter GT – 141.25 mph (HSW)

youtube cover

The Imponte Arbiter GT is a two-door hardtop muscle car also featured in GTA Online as part of the E&E edition of the game.

The Arbiter GT has excellent acceleration, allowing players to take off straight away, but it does suffer from poor handling due to its insane top speed of 141.25 mph. Players must be extremely careful when trying to maintain their top speed.

5) Pegassi armed Ignus – 146.25 mph (HSW)

youtube cover

The Pegassi Weaponized Ignus is a two-door hypercar. The Weaponized Ignus is an armored version of the Ignus with a huge roof-mounted dome that replaces the rear window of the engine and matches the angular look of the vehicle.

The actual top speed of the Weaponized Ignus in GTA 5 is 124.75 mph, but when upgraded with HSW improvements it can reach an insane speed of 146.25 mph, making it one of the fastest cars in the game.

4) Grotti Turismo Classic – 150.50 mph (HSW)

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The Turismo Classic is a two-door sports car added to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update.

The Turismo Classic combines a sleek, aerodynamic design with a lightweight body for excellent acceleration and high top speed. The vehicle’s strong V12 engine is also visible in the rear center position.

The car’s handling is exceptional, with plenty of downforce and stable cornering. The brakes aren’t up to the mark compared to more current vehicles, but they are more than adequate when the car is compared to its Sports Classics peers.

3) Principle Deveste Eight – 151.75 mph (HSW)

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The Principle Deveste Eight is an ultra-hypercar in GTA Online as part of the continuation of the Arena War update.

The Deveste Eight has moderate acceleration but excellent overall top speed. It has a long wheelbase, which, combined with its average traction, means that the car loses time in races with numerous corners. Despite this, it is one of the best Supers in the game for Stunt Races.

2) Bravado Banshee – 153 mph (HSW)

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Bravado Banshee is a sports car featured in GTA 5 and GTA Online. This car has amazing acceleration and top speed which can reach up to 153 mph with HSW speed improvements.

But its back-heavy weight distribution and poor grip make the car a good choice if you’re looking for a getaway car, but not so ideal for off-roading or cornering.

1) Karin S95 – 155.50 mph (HSW)

youtube cover

The Karin S95 is a sports car from the Expanded & Enhanced Edition of the game.

Karin S95 is the fastest car in the next-gen version of GTA Online, as it can reach an unfathomable speed of 255.50 mph with the help of HSW speed upgrades.

The above are some of the fastest cars you can get in GTA Online.

Note: Top speeds are measured in-game by Broughy1322

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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