10 used cars for under £2.5k we found this week

10 used cars for under £2.5k we found this week

Remember when a while ago everyone and their favorite automaker was raving about four-wheel steering? Yes, we too. And the time for that too.

See, like vactrains, flying cars, and alternative fuels, four-wheel steering is one of those things that has a moment in the sun, then wanes like the moon, then rises again on another day. Mmm, the sound of tortured metaphors supports us.

Anyway, the 4WS Prelude was a product of the first wave of all-wheel drive cars we remember, even if there was a foggy, ‘Hey, didn’t the 928 have some version of that?’ floating around in our young and completely misused minds.

In any case, we still don’t know why the Prelude isn’t at least Radwood famous, if not more – an angular two-door coupe with a (may we say this one time?) 16-valve four-cylinder engine, pop-up headlights on the earlier cars and the kind of handling that kept 1990s exotica honest. And of course the famous 4WS system. How these are still available to our budget is a mystery for us to solve another day…

Is this just one of those ‘front-drive is for the weak’ things or what?