1966 Dodge Charger Camper: Best Camper Ever?

1966 Dodge Charger Camper: Best Camper Ever?

There are still those rare and unknown car gems floating around that confuse even the most expert muscle car enthusiasts. This is the case with this RVan extremely rare one 1966 Dodge Charger motorhome pictured here. Built in Denver, Colorado, by Great Dale House Car Co., this was a genuine product of theirs. Have you ever seen one?

Did Great Dale only make Dodge Charger RVs?

1966 Dodge Charger Great Dale Camper | Instagram

According to the website dedicated to these freaks, Great Dale founder Dale Wasinger even invented a unique method of cutting cars in half. Real estate, selling used cars, auto body repair and starting gambling casinos, about which he wrote a book, were just a few of his various pursuits.