2022 Ford Mustang order book closes for good

2022 Ford Mustang order book closes for good

A month after the new-generation Mustang was unveiled, Ford has confirmed that it will no longer be taking orders for the current model.

The order book for the 2022 Ford Mustang has now closed for good, with potential buyers now being referred to the new generation model.

Ford initially stopped orders for the Mustang back in July 2022, with the boss of Blue Oval’s Australian branch last month, suggesting the company may be able to take new orders again in the future, as there was an expectation that some customers might change their order for the upcoming 2023 model. his unveiling last month.

“We thought the best approach for the customer was to just hold orders and let us work through the order bank. After that, we will reassess whether we can open Mustang orders, based on supply and demand,” said Ford Australia President and CEO Andrew Birkic told Motive in Sept.

However, the possibility of reopening the order appears to have been ruled out, with a notice on the company’s website confirming that the local allocation has now been completely exhausted.

“Due to the overwhelming interest in the current Mustang, our order bank is now full,” announced Ford Australia.

“As a result, we regret to inform our customers that we are no longer taking new orders for the current Mustang. Talk to your dealer about the all-new Mustang, expected in Australia by the end of 2023.”

While Ford says interest in the new-generation Mustang has been “extraordinary” since its debut last month, the order book for the sports car has yet to be opened.

The upcoming Mustang shares its base with the current model and will be offered with a familiar choice of turbocharged four-cylinder or V8 engines, with a six-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission that will also be available to buyers.

Those with existing orders for the 2022 Ford Mustang are requested to contact their dealer directly for order updates.

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