2023 Mazda CX-50 vs. 2023 Honda CR-V Comparison

2023 Mazda CX-50

Compact SUVs are now the second best-selling vehicle type in America, and buyers have many to choose from. The 2023 Mazda CX-50 is an all-new compact SUV, more rugged and trail-ready than the CX-5 you may already know. The Honda CR-V is an old name but all new for the 2023 model year. They have a few things in common, but their different personalities will help you decide which SUV is right for you.

Let’s take a closer look at how the new Mazda CX-50 compares to the new CR-V.

2023 Mazda CX-50

2023 Mazda CX-50

Mazda has always built some of the best SUVs on the market. The company will branch out before 2023. The CX-50 has the great driving dynamics Mazda is known for, but a more rugged personality and some real off-road gear. Prices start at $27,550, plus a mandatory $1,275 delivery fee.

Mazda CX-50 Highlights

Lower price: The Mazda CX-50 has a sticker price over $3,000 lower than the CR-V. It’s also less expensive than the Toyota RAV4 – an impressive achievement for Mazda, which many critics regard as an almost luxury brand.

Luxurious interior: Why do critics say that about Mazda vehicles? Because their cabins combine premium, soft-touch materials with premium build quality. The CX-50’s cabin has a sense of style, especially when upholstered in the optional terracotta leather.

Standard i-Activ all-wheel drive with Mi-Drive modes: Mazda has long made SUVs that are good on the road. The CX-50 stands out for its off-road capabilities. That comes from the standard i-Activ four-wheel drive (AWD) and the Mi-Drive intelligent drive select system. In off-road mode, Mi-Drive increases engine idle speed for better climbing ability, reprograms the automatic transmission to allow smooth, continuous torque at lower speeds, and primes the traction control and i-Activ systems for smooth surfaces.

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2023 Honda CR-V

2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring in Blue

2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring in Blue

The Honda CR-V is one of the most well-known compact SUVs, but it has been redesigned from the wheel for 2023. The new one is bigger than before and has a handsome, rougher look. Power goes to the front wheels in basic form, but AWD is optional, as is a hybrid version. Prices start at $31,110, plus $1,245 to deliver.

Highlights of the Honda CR-V

Elegant new look: For this redesign, Honda leaned towards refinement. The Mazda is your best choice if you want your SUV to look off-road compatible. If you want it to look like a suit that wouldn’t look out of place on luxury cars, you want the jewel-like look of the new CR-V.

Optional hybrid powertrain: Honda does not offer a hybrid option Mazda. The CR-V hybrid isn’t just more efficient than the gas model (with up to 40 mpg combined driving for front-wheel drive models). It’s also more fun to drive, with 204 horsepower.

Leading freight volume: With the rear seats in place, the CR-V is surprisingly roomy, with nearly eight cubic feet more room than the CX-50. With the seats folded, the new CR-V offers an astonishing 76.5 cubic feet of cargo space. That beats the old class leader – the Toyota RAV4 – and the CX-50.

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The 2023 Mazda CX-50 and Honda CR-V are the newcomers to the compact SUV family, and both have stylish, contemporary designs inside and out. Both use more advanced suspension systems than many rivals for refined handling.


The Mazda CX-50 is Mazda’s first true off-roader. It’s as controlled and agile on the road as you’d expect from a Mazda, but adds more ground clearance than many compact SUVs and an off-road driving mode. The all-new 2023 Honda CR-V is as solid a pick as the model’s history would lead you to expect. But it’s more refined than ever, with a clean look inside and out and a hybrid option. But the higher price and additional cost of AWD may turn some away.

Both can be a good choice, but they bring very different personalities into the fight.


2023 Mazda CX-50 2023 Honda CR-V
Starting price $27,550 $31,110
Popular powertrains
Engine 2.5-litre 4-cylinder Turbocharged 1.5-litre four-cylinder
horsepower 187 hp @ 6,000 rpm 190 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Couple 186 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm 179 lb-ft @ 5,000 rpm
Transfer 6-speed automatic Continuously variable automatic transmission
Fuel economy 24 city/30 highway/27 combined mpg 28vcity/34 highway/30 combined mpg
Also available 2.5-litre four-cylinder turbo engine 2.0-litre hybrid, AWD
Basic warranty 3 years/36,000 miles 3 years/36,000 miles
Powertrain warranty 5 years/60,000 miles 5 years/60,000 miles
NHTSA General Safety To be determined To be determined
Maximum seating capacity 5 5
wheelbase 110.8 inches 106.3 inches
Total length 185.8 inches 184.8 inches
Width 80.8 inches 73.5 inches
Height 63.5 inches 66.2 inches
turning diameter: 36.0 feet 37.3 feet
Headroom, front 39.1 inches 38.2 inches
Headroom, rear 38.6 inches 38.2 inches
Legroom, front 41.7 inches 41.3 inches
Legroom, rear 39.8 inches 41.0 inches
Shoulder room, front 55.9 inches 57.9 inches
Shoulder room, rear 53.6 inches 55.9 inches
Freight volume 31.4/56.3 cubic feet 39.3/76.5 cubic feet