3 of the Best and Worst Auto Insurance Companies

3 of the Best and Worst Auto Insurance Companies

Study after study, Consumer Reports goes to great lengths to warn readers against choosing insurance companies based on brand recognition and advertising. Bigger is rarely better, and the airlines with the lowest fares and the best overall customer satisfaction ratings tend to be smaller, lower-profile companies than Flo, the Gecko, the Limu Emu, and the rest.

Of those companies, one stands out above all others: USAA, which since 2004 has earned a place in the top three providers in every category in every single Consumer Reports ranking.

In 2021, JD Power conducted a comprehensive ranking of the top auto insurance companies in each region of the country. Because it only serves military personnel and their families, USAA failed to meet the study’s ranking criteria, but if it did, it would have crushed every other insurance company in every region of America. According to Consumer Reports, the average USAA policy costs $817 versus $1,570 for Allstate.

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