5 best full-size cars under $40,000 for 2022 says True Car

5 Best Full-Size Cars Under $40,000 for 2022 Says True Car

If you’re looking for a full size car, you might get frustrated with the plethora of options. It seems that every major manufacturer has a family-friendly sedan for you to consider. However, not all affordable sedans are created equal, such as the Toyota Avalon and the Nissan Maxima. True Car reports that these are the five best full-size cars you can buy in 2022 for under $40,000.

2022 Toyota Avalon is a capable, smartly equipped sedan that should put European rivals on edge

5 best full-size cars under $40,000 for 2022 says True Car

2022 Toyota Avalon | Toyota

Toyota’s large four-door sedan is a deceptively plush ride. real car says the Avalon comfortably accommodates a driver and five passengers, all while transporting them all in refined silence. The 2022 Toyota Avalon also has usable cargo volume and higher trim levels that envelop occupants in luxury that allows them to check the badge on the steering wheel one more time.