5 luxury car brands with the most beautiful car interiors according to US News

Genesis GV70, one of the luxury car brands

There is a lot to consider when choosing a new car. Price, features, power, fuel economy and space are all important. But how comfortable the car is inside is also an important factor, considering how long you’re likely to spend in it. When it comes to car interiors, a few luxury car brands distinguish themselves from the rest by having the most beautiful car interiors. Here are the top five brands for: car interiorsaccording to US News.


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US News starts the top five with BMW, has long been a fixture in German luxury car brands. It is known for its extensive range of sedans and coupes and many SUVs. More hybrid and plug-in hybrid options have also been added to the lineup in recent years. US News gives the brand an average interior score of 7.34 out of 10.