6 Best Cars to Customize, Customize and DIY

6 Best Cars to Customize, Modify, and Make Your Own

The urge to customize, modify, and tweak a new or used car is powerful. Personal expression is an essential part of the human experience and it should not stop at laptop stickers. With no shortage of available parts, vehicle owners can turn hatchbacks into track cars, SUVs into off-road warriors and vans into homes. Here are just 6 of the best cars to customize, customize, and make your own.

6 Best Cars to Customize, Customize and DIY

Honda Civic | Honda

Civics of every generation have benefits for owners who want to customize their car. Drag racers often take older versions of the Civic and turn them into FWD cars, pulling their minimal weight across the finish lines with ease. Bolted-on parts such as exhaust systems, fuel tuners and air intakes can help tuners squeeze horsepower out of a Civic. Furthermore, Civic owners can tear into their engines, replace parts with forged internals, or add forced induction.