6 consumer sites agree that this vehicle has the highest owner rating

Consumer Reports least reliable SUVs for 2022 include the Tesla Model Y

You will see many consumer sites that rate vehicles. And other sites, like MotorBiscuit, will use information about certain cars from those sites to determine things like reliability, quality, comfort, and more. But it’s rare to find one brand or vehicle that tops every site’s list. But we found six consumer sites that all rank the Tesla Model 3 as the brand with the highest ratings for owner satisfaction.

There is a driver training site that aggregated ratings called Zutobi. In doing its research, it found that Tesla ranked highest on four different consumer sites for owner satisfaction in both Europe and the US. Those sites are Autotrader, Edmunds, HonestJohns and Parkers. It did this for its annual ‘The Global Happy Motorist Index’.