9 luxury cars with the best cargo space

Rear angle shot of a blue 2021 Cadillac CT4, a luxury car with the best trunk space

Usable cargo space and luxury cars don’t always go hand in hand. But just because the Porsche 911 has less than 10 cubic feet of trunk space doesn’t mean you can’t find a premium, high-performance luxury car with plenty of luggage space. Learn more about these nine luxury cars with the most cargo space.

How is the loading space calculated?

Have you ever looked up the manufacturer’s specifications for a vehicle’s cargo area and were completely surprised when you saw it in person? You may be fooled about your car’s cargo space, but it’s not because of a nefarious plan. Automakers usually follow the J1100 industry standard established by the Society of Automotive Engineers, which has specific criteria for measuring trunk and hatch areas. But all these numbers are self-reported.