A modified, daily driven Ferrari F355, Top Gear explains

Ferrari F355 Challenge, blue, front quarter view on track

Readers of any age will remember that to play the latest and greatest video games, a trip to the local arcade with a bag full of quarters was the only option – but if you were a gearhead from a young age, you also got to get a experience the explosion of some of the best racing simulation games ever made.

From video games Cruisin’ USA to the Initial D Arcade Stage – depending on which side of the world you’re on – kids of the late ’90s and early ’00s can probably rediscover their obsession with cars after spending hours on rock-hard chairs. seated, plastic bucket seats as they ram through the gears of a four-speed manual transmission.

Undoubtedly, however, none was more realistic than the Ferrari F355 Challenge Sega game released in 1999.

Based on the actual Ferrari Challenge event explained below, the game used a period correct exhaust sound, with a fairly similar driving experience to a real Ferrari Challenge car.

Something Rob Dahm on the Top Gear YouTube Channel he remembers clearly when he introduces us to a pair of Ferrari F355s – the blue one, a real Ferrari F355 Evo made for the Ferrari Challenge, and the red one is a tastefully modified F355 that mimics the Challenge cars, with a more enjoyable driving experience.

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The Ferrari F355 is definitely up for a challenge

The Ferrari Challenge event, which started in 1993 for Ferrari customers interested in racing, is a one-model race in which well-tuned Ferraris compete for the title of the best driver.

Starting with the 348, the F355 would be the first brand to offer a complete race-ready kit before being able to order Challenge cars directly from the Maranello factory in 1996.

So when Rob Dahm got the chance to meet the owner of Modificata – a tuner specializing in race-oriented Ferraris – and his F355 Challenge and his F355 Challenge tribute, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make his childhood dreams come true.

Because for those who keep up, a real F355 Evolution can run for around $300,000; However, Rob offers a solution for those of us who can’t buy a car that can match the price of real estate: the production version of the F355.

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Ferrari’s 355: Racecar Vibes, production car price, sounds great

In what should be? one of the last Ferraris available for less than six figuresthe F355 was also the most produced Ferrari at the time with over 11,000 units made from 1994-1999, making it more accessible than any other model.

Something that Rob doesn’t miss as he also explains how the same F355 can be a Challenge rival with a few performance upgrades: remember, the F355 Evolution and production car share the same 3.5L V8 with the most significant differences in weight reduction, safety equipment , race clutch and Brembo brakes.

Since most Ferrari owners are afraid of giving their cars a non-original paint job, it’s refreshing to see the next generation of owners upgrading and customizing their Ferraris for what they’re arguably intended for: driving and racing.

Something that arguably even Enzo himself could appreciate.

Ferrari F355 through a tree

This is how much the Ferrari F355 costs today

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