Acura Turnersville’s Commitment to Staff Means Low Turnover

Acura Turnersville's Commitment to Staff Means Low Turnover

Boylan has been particularly attentive to the well-being of his staff since the COVID-19 pandemic that virtually shut down New Jersey dealers in 2020.

Boylan has laid off all of his sales staff and half of his service technicians. Boylan and three other executives continued to work, selling over the Internet, filling out paperwork and delivering cars to customers’ homes.

To cope with sick and quarantined employees, Boylan shortened the store’s hours. Acura Turnersville remained open Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. That’s less than a 12-hour shift six days a week.

Unlike some competitors, Acura Turnersville maintains the same hours today. Managers work a five-day work week, with a 10-hour shift and four eight-hour shifts. Sales associates work 42-hour weeks with two days off.

Those shorter hours make a big difference to Len Rizzo, a 73-year-old sales associate who joined the store in 2012. Now he can spend more time with his children and grandchildren – something he couldn’t count on in his previous jobs.

“I get to see my whole family,” Rizzo said. “It has never been like that for me in the profession. I have always missed everything.”

Rizzo also appreciates Boylan’s response to employee concerns.

“Every time I need to talk to him, his door is open,” Rizzo said. “If there is a problem, they solve it quickly.”