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When taverns and forests start to get old, how about hopping aboard a Spelljamming ship to Wildspace? With Spelljammer: Adventures In Space from Dungeons & Dragons, you can do just that with one of 16 different Spelljamming ships.

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Having your own mobile base makes exploration a much safer and more comfortable experience, but with so many new spacecraft to choose from, it’s hard to know which one best suits your needs. They all need a Spelljammer to mentally navigate the perils of Wildspace, but after that they couldn’t be more different.


16 Tyrant

These ships were built by Beholders from floating asteroids, using their disintegration beams to carve out a hull. Eyestalk cannons protrude from the spherical, enchanting helm, resembling their creators.

This ship ranks so low because only Beholders can align with the helm, making it useless to any party that can hijack it.

15 bomb

Despite having a lower armor class and lower airspeed than the Tyrant, the Bombard ship can be used by any sentient being. These ships are built by Giff and usually have only one purpose: to blow every other ship out of the sky.

With two base ballistas and a giant cannon, the Bombard can deal piercing and clubbing damage every round, as long as there are at least ten crew members.

14 night spider

Night spiders are specially made to hide in Wildspace, ambush unsuspecting ships and capture their helm and crew. Related: Dungeons and Dragons: Randoms Encounters On The Road

Their long, spindly legs are perfect for clinging to other vehicles for boarding, while the ship’s ‘body’ can accommodate up to 25 crew members. There are also four ballistas and a mangonel to make the enemy surrender.

13 Squid Ship

For those patrolling the depths of space, the Squid ship provides the resources and damage to take out anyone deemed a threat. There is very little room for a crew, but this is not a vessel meant for comfort.

Half of its 250-foot length is made up of the trailing tentacles, and the reinforced arch can be used to pierce anything you come across among the stars. Do a whopping 16d10 piercing damage if you bump into something.

12 Lamprey

The Lamprey is an antique design, yet a beautiful staple. Unable to land on solid ground, but fairly safe on the water, these medium-sized ships have a boon most others can’t claim; Struggling jaws.

The Lamprey’s metal mouth requires only one crew member and can cling to a ship or a giant sensitive creature, rendering it immobile and much safer on board or attacking more to land.

11 Flying fish

One of Wildspace’s favorite vehicles, the Flying Fish, is as much at home in the sea as it is in the air. The slim design allows for fast travel, albeit relatively few hit points.

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There is enough space for ten crew members and thirteen tons of cargo. Artillery is where it tends to fall short, but the average price is decent at 20,000 gp.

10 Space Galleon

If you’ve been to Astral Space, you’ve seen many a fleet of Space Galleons. Also unobtrusive on the waters of most planets, it’s easy to land and sail into any harbor to resupply or exchange stowaways.

With plenty of guest quarters, 20 tons of cargo space, and three guns with a total potential damage of 11d10, there’s a reason this vessel is popular with those who make their living hauling from outside the world.

9 dragonfly

One of the best decorated and most flamboyant ships, the Damselfly is surprisingly sturdy despite its intricacies. There isn’t much room on board, but the five-ton cargo hold can be adapted to accommodate more crew members, although most have rooms for nine.

There are two basic weapons on board, a ballista and a mangonel, but the Damselfly’s main attack is a good defense.

8 nautiloid

Mindflayers vehicle, its awesome design is only suitable for space travel, meaning it can never land. Like the Squid Ship, the Nautiloid can use an action to grab another vehicle with its tentacles, then use one of the four ballistae or the mangonel to attack.

What gets this craft so highly ranked is that any creature attuned to the ship itself can use an action to teleport the ship and everything on board to an unoccupied space or even another plane.

7 Hammerhead

A great all round ship, the Hammerhead is popular with pirates and merchants. Capable of carrying 30 tons of cargo and fifteen crew members, the Hammerhead is perfect for long journeys to faraway places.

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It also doesn’t lose its chances in combat, with two mangonel and ballista, while the hammerhead’s blunt head ram force is another 16d10 bats. Your regular adventure party won’t be manning one, as the average ship costs about 40,000 gp.

6 live ship

Each spaceship is set up with its own air envelope, providing a suitable environment for all life forms likely to inhabit it.

However, this air can become polluted or even deadly, forcing the ship to land before the crew suffocates. The Living Ship has addressed this problem, entwining a Treant in the deck of the ship, alive and growing with the boat. Every 24 hours, the Treant filters the bubble and heals the craft.

5 star moth

As with most things made by Elves, their spacecraft are elegant and delicate. This artwork is light enough to float on the water, or land softly to resupply. However, it is so much more than a 40,000 gp vehicle.

Star Moths are bred and formed from organic elements, their wings made of incredibly thin crystal formations. Surprisingly, it can carry 30 tons and accommodate thirteen crew members as it speeds through space.

4 Scorpio Ship

As efficient on land as they are in the air, Scorpion Ships are cheap (25,000 gp), quite spacious, and great in combat. Their pincers can take out any enemy with a grapple, while their tail houses the mangonel and two ballistas on the upper deck. Their speed is also nothing to complain about.

3 Turtle Ship

This vessel is one of a kind, able to swim through deep oceans as easily as through space, all while carrying a 30-ton payload. Whether the crew needs to lay still for a while, or their employer has a secret evil base under the waves, having a dive vehicle with four weapons opens up many possibilities.

2 Wasp

An affordable option for those who appreciate speed and precision, the Wasp Ship is also very lightweight, allowing for water landings should the need arise.

With room for ten tons of cargo, the interior is often reused to meet the needs of the elite who often buy it as a luxury means of transport. With only 20,000 gp and a ballista as standard, this small craft appeals to many astronauts.

1 shrike

The Shrike is the latest in space vehicle design and strikes the perfect balance between extreme speed, high damage output and transport potential.

The Shrike can land on the ground and at sea, can carry up to twenty tons and has a comfortable living space for eleven crew members. His slender body is for more than just aerodynamics, and in an emergency he can pierce enemies with the pointed ram that deals 16d10!

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