Apple adds one of Ford’s best to its ambitious electric car team

Apple adds one of Ford's best to its ambitious electric car team

In its latest step towards production of its electric car, tech giant Apple has handed over Ford chief executive Desi Ujkashevic to launch a self-driving electric car as soon as possible by 2025. according to Bloomberg

Apple has been developing a self-driving electric car since 2014. Having struggled over the years to find a vision for its car, the company is now aiming for a fully autonomous vehicle with the steering wheel and pedals removed with a own operating system† The company also wants to emphasize the safety of its vehicle; to that end, Apple strives to develop stronger security measures than its competitors.

Apple representatives met with officials from Toyota, South Korea’s SK Group, LG Electronics, Nissan, Magna, Hyundai and others to discuss a possible collaboration, but to no avail.

Although her role at Apple was not specified, Ujkashevic, who had worked at Ford since 1991, was Ford’s global director of automotive safety engineering. She was responsible for all current and future safety strategies, including autonomous vehicles. Prior to that, Ujkashevic oversaw the engineering of interiors, exteriors, chassis and electrical components for many Ford models, such as Escape, Explorer, Fiesta and Focus, as well as Lincoln’s MKC and Aviator models.

“Desi has a wealth of leadership experience in the global automotive industry,” Ford’s website reads, on the biography of Ujkashevic. The company thanks her for improving products, quality and customer experience at the 118-year-old automaker.

Ujkashevic has also helped Ford’s Dearborn plant in Michigan develop new electric vehicles.

Her engineering and safety protocol expertise could also help Apple with the self-driving electric vehicle project as she also specializes in addressing regulatory issues in testing. self-driving prototypes on the public road.

While we continue to hear rumors about the design, technology specs and potential manufacturing partners, the tech company has never confirmed the rumors about Apple’s electric vehicle.

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