Auto transport methods that work best

If you need to transport your car, what’s the best way to do it? Of course all people want to find cheap car shipping methods, and if you take the time and energy to look for credible auto transport companies, you will find many that can provide quality service. You can’t just pick just anyone to ship your vehicle because transportation involves many complications that overnight freight services cannot solve.

There are many options for car transport. Most people simply drive their own car because this is the cheapest and sometimes the safest way. However, not all people have the time, energy and inclination to drive from coast to coast. Most will want the convenience that car transport companies provide as it means you don’t have to worry about the well-being of the vehicle. They also rely on the assurance that their cars will arrive safe and sound.

There are four main methods of shipping cars abroad or domestically. When abroad, it is most popular by air and sea. Domestically, it can be by freight container or by train. Whether you choose to ship by air or rail, it is vital to remember to check the legal documents and reputation of the shipping company to ensure a fast and reliable service.


This is the most expensive but fastest way to transport your car. People who move abroad often use this option because it is safe and the timing for the transit is very short compared to other methods. However, air freight is not always available. You need to plan this in advance so that the car arrives exactly on time when you need it.

In addition to being fast, car owners choose this route because it protects the car from potential damage and breakage. There is reduced mobility and shock in the cargo area of ​​the aircraft. The vehicle is also not exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as dirt, mud, snow and rain. It is also safe from bird droppings and other insects that may land on it. Car owners will likely receive their cars the same way they handed them over to the freight company.

The disadvantage of transporting the car by plane is the cost. Not many people can afford air freight. Unless you’re moving for good and can’t get rid of your vehicle or leave it to someone else, car air freight isn’t the best option for owners. Aside from the taxes on the transportation of a foreign car, the other costs associated with it often discourage owners.

Freight transport by rail

Car owners always forget that they can move their car by train. It is cheaper than air freight, but it is also fast because the vehicle arrives at its destination within a few days. The best part about this is that most train companies allow car owners to stuff the vehicle with their personal belongings. This way you can transport both the car and some of your belongings. And yes, you can also travel by train, so you move with your car.

Most trains have a car rack where the cars are stored during the journey. In the United States, Amtrak offers this type of service. You can go from coast to coast and arrive at your destination in a few days. You just need to drive to your house or apartment by car. Some train companies also offer door-to-door delivery of the vehicle, with another company driving the car from the train station to your address.

The only drawback of rail freight is cost. While not as expensive as air freight, it costs more than road travel or driving yourself.

Via Sea

Ships are one of the most commonly used methods of transporting cars. Car manufacturers use cargo ships to transport their vehicles to different countries and dealers. Although this method is used for bulk shipments, many shipping companies also allow the transportation of individual cars. Just like air and train freight, shipping by sea is also expensive. Not to mention that there are many requirements to have a transportation company transport your vehicle.

Sea shipments take weeks and months at a time. Therefore, it is more economical than air freight. If you want to save on the cost of transporting your vehicle and other belongings, shipping by sea is a practical choice.

car carrier

Domestically, meaning moving from one state to another, is a popular way of transporting cars through a car carrier. This is the same service that dealers use when delivering vehicles from one city to another. Companies use trucks and semi trucks to move the car. Car owners can choose between an open carrier or a close carrier. Usually only one to five cars can be transported this way.

An open carrier is cheaper than a close carrier. However, in an open luggage carrier there is a risk of accidents and the car is not protected against weather conditions. So while it may be cheaper, a closed carrier may still be the better option.


Don’t worry if you need to ship your cars. There are many options for transporting vehicles, both nationally and internationally. While the best way is to ship it by air, this isn’t an option for everyone. The most practical choice would be to hire a car carrier if you are moving within the country or pay for ocean freight if the move involves crossing territories. It is important to hire only reputable and authorized car companies.