Barbie’s 12 Best Car Commercials

Barbie's 12 Best Car Commercials
Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle commercial, 2001.

Barbie Volkswagen New Beetle commercial, 2001.
Screenshot: Mattel, Inc.

If you had been a young girl or had a sister sometime in the 90s, your level as the cool house to start playing Barbies probably depended on what barbie car you had. Sadly, I didn’t have one until my later grades, and it wasn’t even an officially branded one. I used my Christmas money to finally buy a red off-brand, Miata-esque convertible, and at least it was something. However, I longed to be just as cool and have something like her Magic Van.

Barbie has been an insane influence in the lives of young girls for decades, and although she has had so many careers and adventures, she’s had some cool rides too. And the way to make us long for them as we did? The commercial between our favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

These have to be some of the best Barbie Car commercials. I made sure to throw in a few nostalgic nuggets in the car for my general car crowd as well.