Best car interior cleaners for 2022, tested – car and driver

Best car interior cleaners for 2022, tested - car and driver

How often should I clean the interior of my car?

It depends on how much time you spend in your car, what you do in your car, and so on. But a good measure is once a month, with a seasonal deep cleaning. The monthly interior cleaning of the car can include a quick vacuum, cleaning your dashboard, vents, screens and cup holders. For seasonal cleanings, this is when you wash your floor mats, scrub seats and do a deep deep clean. But every vehicle is different depending on the use.

Can I use interior cleaners on my windows?

Some of them, yes. The cleaner will explicitly state that it is safe on Windows, but you should definitely confirm that before trying it. Other interior cleaners leave a film or residue on your windows, which can be a nightmare to remove. It’s best to just use a separate glass cleaner.

What car interior cleaners do the pros use?

Every detailer has a product they prefer, but we’ve seen many of the cleaners on this list come in detail buckets. The pros usually stay away from the wipes, but the sprays are preferred. Even the Car and driver garage workers can’t decide which one they prefer – there’s a whole closet full of different interior cleaners!

How much do car interior cleaners cost?

Our test cleaners ranged in price from under $10 to nearly $25. If you choose one of the sprays, you’ll also want to invest in some good quality microfiber cloths, which can run an extra $5 per towel.

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