Best car wash

Best car wash

At Voda Express, there are multiple laundry options and amenities that people won’t find everywhere, say owners Drago and Beth Glavac. One is a graphene oxide ceramic wash that provides superior protection and shine. Voda is the only car wash within a 10-mile radius that is allowed to have that option. With the Ultimate Ceramic Wash, customers get a voucher to return within five days with their receipt to get a free $14 wash, with every car.

A time saver is the state-of-the-art Express Exterior washing equipment, designed to clean the car in less than 3 minutes.

Voda uses reverse osmosis for many processes and that saves water. “And you still get a smudge-free rinse,” says Beth Glavac. The soapy gentle wash is gentle enough to protect the car paint and customers can use the vacuum cleaners for free. Gift cards and memberships are available, and the Voda loyalty card makes the 11th car wash free.

“People love our friendly staff and how well-maintained and clean our new site is,” says Beth Glavac. Several times a week, Voda closes and cleans all tunnels.