Best cars for a road trip

Best Cars For A Road Trip

Are you looking for the perfect car to take or rent dreamy road trips across the country? Take clues from our list of the best types of Indian cars for road trips!


You don’t want to travel with a car that gives you trouble every time you come across an obstacle. Imagine stopping the car halfway through the journey only to realize that your car needs to be repaired or upgraded in order to continue. Moreover, having a reliable and good vehicle is just as essential as good company on a road trip.

Your passion for driving, excellent buddies, dreamy destination and a sturdy car are all you need to make unforgettable memories on road trips. The perfect car is the key to a fantastic journey!

So let’s see which cars can be your trusted travel companion!

Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra XUV700 is one of the sturdiest vehicles in the Indian car market and users have testified to the driving pleasure they get from this vehicle. This 5- and 7-seat model offers plenty of cabin space with a premium finish and a decent case size that’s perfect for hauling your bags and more family members.

This diesel based vehicle also comes with a 5 star safety rating. The higher variants also offer adaptive cruise control. It also has a good mileage of 17.3 kmpl. Most XUV700 owners claim it is perfect for long distance and highway driving, especially the automatic versions!

Honda Amaze

Next on our list is the Honda Amaze. The long-distance performance of this car is unforgivable. Ample legroom and streamlined bodywork make it perfect for long journeys. Honda Amaze comfortably seats five passengers, more than most sedans on the market. In addition, its mileage of 24.7 kmpl is perfect for saving fuel. All in all, it is the ultimate choice for a road trip enthusiast.

Ford EcoSport


The Ford EcoSport exudes sportiness and robustness in its name and aesthetics. The car drives as smooth as butter. The EcoSport has the perfect dimensions and is no problem when manoeuvring. This 5-seat SUV is available with both diesel and petrol engines. To top it off, the EcoSport also has a clearance of 200mm. Of course, Ford no longer sells cars in India, but you can buy a good Ecosport on the used market and still have a good, trouble-free property.

Maruti Ertiga

You can’t possibly go wrong with the Ertiga. This multi-purpose vehicle offers reliable performance on city streets and highways. Its minibus-like construction is ideal for families who love road trips. The spacious interior comfortably accommodates five members and their luggage.

Hyundai Crete


This SUV is one of our favorites. Wondering why? First, the robust and well-built structure can handle whatever challenges you throw at it. Second, it offers an easy ride even on the most challenging terrains and roads. In a nutshell, it ticks all the boxes to be the perfect travel companion!


If these cars don’t scream road trips, we’re not sure any other model will. Grab one of these cars without thinking twice and set off for an unforgettable journey!

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