Best dog owner car 2022 – MG5

Best dog owner car 2022 - MG5

While the lockdown kept us separate from family and friends, many of us forged closer bonds with our four-legged friends. Now the chance to get outside for some fresh air and some headroom is an escape that more and more of us appreciate. As such, choosing a dog-friendly car to get away from it all is now an important consideration, and the MG5 Estate wins in style.
Sure, both in image and functionality, SUVs remain a popular choice here, but a small station wagon like the MG is arguably even better, as it has just as much room in the back for your dog, but is lower to the ground, so it’s easier so that they can jump in and out. With the best will in the world, carrying a dog in your car isn’t particularly friendly to the interior, the fact that the MG is super affordable takes the sting out of the muddy carpets, the claw-marked edges and… atmosphere … which are part of carrying a dog on board. Like a faithful pair of wellies or a favorite raincoat, the MG5 may not be particularly flashy, but it’s a faithful friend and gets the job done with no fuss, so you can enjoy the outdoors without distraction. There’s also the fact that the MG5 is also purely electric powered, meaning the trunk can get muddy, but your environmental conscious stays clean. And with over 250 miles between charges in the long-haul version, you can get to the best hiking spots without worry. Dog owners have spoken and the MG5 is the best tool for the job!