Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

It has a decent official range of up to 285 miles, which should be about 220 miles under normal conditions. You’ll enjoy covering those miles too, because the iX3 is easy to drive; it handles nicely and is pleasantly firm.

It doesn’t want standard equipment either, with a power tailgate, panoramic sunroof, parking sensors and leather trim, all included with our favorite M Sport trim.

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3. Skoda Enyaq iV

best model 60 Lodge | Which car? rating 5 stars | P11D price £37,100 | Monthly BIK 2022/2023 @ 20%/40% £12.33/£24.75

If there is a car that makes electrical power look completely normal, the Skoda Enyaq is that car. It’s quintessentially Skoda, in that it’s a somewhat austere-looking SUV, with little to give away what lies beneath.

There’s loads of space inside, whether you’re in the front or back, and the boot space is huge.

It’s lively rather than fast, but it’s comfortable enough both in the city and on faster roads, although fun is definitely not on the menu; the considerable curb weight ensures this. Still, the official range is 256 miles, which should be more than enough for most drivers on most days.

Plus, an annual BIK bill of just £148 – if you’re 20% taxpayer – is a real bargain when you consider all the cars it gets you.

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2. Kia EV6

best model RWD GT Line | Which car? rating 5 stars | P11D price £47,140 | Monthly BIK 2022/2023 @ 20%/40% £15.75 / £31.42

Everything that earned the Kia EV6 its 2022 Car of the Year title also counts when you consider it a commercial vehicle.