Best Family Caravans: The Best Mid-Range Picks for Families

Best Family Caravans: The Best Mid-Range Picks for Families

So you’ve had a taste of caravan culture with a compact entry-level model and you’re ready to trade in, or maybe you’re considering a first family purchase and don’t want to break the bank. Well, our list of mid-priced and family-oriented caravans should give a good insight into what you can achieve for your budget and highlight some of the benefits you can get from investing a little extra in your holiday motorhome.

Buyers looking to enjoy more of a home from home experience may find a mid-spec caravan more to their liking; some of these models feature large double beds, with separate washrooms and shower facilities, while extras such as programmable central heating and wireless smartphone charging functions only add to the overall appeal.

But it’s probably the increase in base floor space and comfort level that will prove to be the most appealing features – helping to create an open, airy feel, rather than the tighter dimensions of cheaper models that some might find a little cramped. find.

Read on for our list of the best mid-price and family caravans…

Eriba Feeling 470

Eriba caravan

By: £20,880 Sleeping places: Up to 5

The Feeling has been around for over a decade and with the predicted increase in caravanners looking to tow with an EV, the streamlined Eriba could be ready to find its strongest point. The pop-top roof significantly reduces the frontal area during towing, reducing aerodynamic drag – the greatest strain on an EV’s battery at highway speeds.

Given the caravan’s compact footprint, space inside will always be a premium, but this super-flexible layout is suitable for couples and active families, sleeping up to five people when the optional (£3,700) pop-up roof bed package is added.

Weighing in at just 1,300kg, the Feeling is also easy to transport with an economical tow truck and can be stored in a driveway or in a standard garage.

Advantages: Compact, light and aerodynamic – the perfect caravan for the electric age. High-quality construction
and good finish. Low profile design looks great.

cons: With four or five on board it always gets very cosy, but it is ideal for active families who spend most of their time outdoors. Headroom is limited in areas where the pop-up roof does not extend.

Adria Adora Seine

Adria Seine caravanAdria Seine caravan

By: £29,495 Sleeping places: 4

Another innovative layout from Adria, the Adora Seine offers flexible, family-friendly accommodation on a lightweight 7ft 6in 1,550kg single axle chassis that can be towed by a fairly modest family car. There is a spacious washroom at the end with a separate shower and a pair of fixed single beds, which can be used by adults or children, leaving the lounge free for mum and dad after the kids have gone to bed.

The Slovenian manufacturer’s sleek exterior design feels very 21st century, while the interior styling is contemporary European and more fashionable than many British offerings. The huge panoramic windscreen and sunroof give a really spacious, airy feel to the open plan lounge.

Advantages: Lightweight, smart design integration with canopy, bargain price.

cons: Undoubtedly not as ‘cool’ as some of its more ostentatious rivals.

Bailey Unicorn Seville

unicorn caravanunicorn caravan

By: £28,199 Sleeping places: 2

This classic touring layout has been around for decades – and for good reason. By forgoing a fixed bed, the footprint remains as compact as possible, making the most of the available space to create a lightweight, easy to tow caravan with an excellent washroom. The Sevilla is aimed at the core torque market, without compromising on the flexibility of multiple berths and with a total weight of only 1,415 kg it can
are towed by a compact, fuel-efficient trailer.

The spacious lounge offers enough space for two people, and the beautiful end washroom and well-equipped kitchen are designed to be self-sufficient – allowing couples who really want to get away from it all to camp in comfort in secluded locations with basic amenities off the beaten track .

Advantages: Generous level of standard equipment with the latest connectivity options readily available. Space-saving lightweight layout. Excellent laundry room.

cons: The main bed must be made before going to sleep. No concessions to flexibility with multiple berths.

Coach driver VIP 460

VIP 460 CaravanVIP 460 Caravan

By: £30,640 Sleeping places: 2

This is a true coupling caravan with good standard equipment that can be easily towed by a modest tow bar. It is very much at home exploring the roads less traveled and staying overnight in remote locations with only the bare necessities.

The layout is identical to that of the Bailey Unicorn Seville (above), with a large washroom at the end and a space-saving lounge, which converts into a large double bed or two singles. The standard equipment includes programmable central heating and a wireless telephone charging station, while the options list extends to a solar panel, DAB radio and 4G internet.

To take the stress out of setting up after a long drive, a self-leveling system ensures that the caravan is level
on the pitch for an extra £3,450.

Advantages: Lightweight luxury for adventurous couples looking to broaden their horizons. Excellent laundry room.

cons: Enhanced connectivity options are not included in the base price. No concessions to the flexibility of families with multiple berths.

Elddis Avante 454

Avante caravanAvante caravan

By: £22,344 Sleeping places: 2

The Avante 454 takes a different approach to providing a lightweight couples’ touring caravan by ditching the large washroom and replacing it with a transverse island bed that doesn’t require bedtime making. This inevitably means less space for washes, but for caravanners who prefer to stay on larger sites with extensive facilities, that’s no problem.

The 454 also has an L-shaped lounge, which is great for casual entertainment, but perhaps less suitable for dining with friends. This caravan is less lavishly equipped than some of the more luxurious double berths in our selection, but at 1,310kg it can be easily towed by a modest tow bar.

Advantages: Great value for money. Lightweight fixed bed tourer with good standard specs for the price. Spacious and comfortable L-shaped saloon.

cons: Lacks some of the modern connectivity offered by more expensive rivals. Layout means the washroom is relatively cramped

Sprite Alpine 4

Sprite caravanSprite caravan

By: £21,195 Sleeping places: 4

Sprite is an iconic name in caravans, evoking memories of carefree family vacations for many middle-aged couples who may now have children or even grandchildren.

The Alpine 4 is primarily a couples caravan with a bit of flexibility to occasionally take younger guests for a sleepover. The fixed bed does not need to be made in the evening and the front lounge can be converted
to a transverse double bedtime.

A narrow 7ft 2in body saves weight, but the small washroom in the corner feels quite cramped, and there’s little room behind to get past the chef at tea time. On the plus side, the Sprite can be dragged
by a family hatchback, is easy to maneuver in the field and relatively easy to store in a driveway at home.

Advantages: Lightweight and easy to store in a driveway thanks to the narrower body – saving on extra storage costs. To tow with a hatchback.

cons: Nowhere for the adults to sit and unwind after the kids have gone to bed. Cramped laundry room.

Xplore 554

Xplore 554 caravanXplore 554 caravan

By: £19,644 Sleeping places: 4

The Xplore 554 is a bold attempt at providing multi-berth flexibility and fixed bed comfort on a lightweight chassis that’s easy to tow at an attractive price. It also includes a desirable washroom on a single-axle chassis to save weight.

While it works well as a fully equipped couples van that pretty much ticks all the boxes, the space will likely be squeezed with four on board. The 7ft 2in bodywork is great from a towing and storage standpoint, but it does limit the living space.

As you’d expect at this price point, the specs are basic, but the comfort level is fine for spring and summer touring and the occasional sleepover with the grandkids.

Advantages: A lot of caravan for the money – and it ticks a lot of boxes. Easy to tow and store. flexible
family-friendly layout.

cons: Maybe trying a little too hard to be everything to all people. Standard specification is quite simple and storage
space is scarce.

Compass Casita 585

Compass caravanCompass caravan

By: £23,644 Sleeping places: 5

A new addition to the Compass range, this cleverly packaged multi-berth berth makes the most of space in two separate lounges that double as bedrooms. Creating separate spaces for adults and children is one of the secrets to a happy family caravan holiday and the Casita is one of the best examples of this on the UK market.

With its traditional parallel seating, the front lounge is the best choice for meals, while the L-shaped rear lounge is an ideal play area for children when the weather isn’t cooperating. At night, the aft lounge converts into a double bed with an optional foldaway bed above for the kids, leaving the front lounge free for mum and dad to relax once the kids are safely tucked away.

Advantages: A wonderfully flexible all-rounder that can meet the needs of a growing family. Innovative design creates separate spaces for adults and children.

cons: All beds must be made every night. Washroom is on the small side to rinse kids off before bed.