Best-selling cars that ended up being discontinued

Cars Which Were Top Sellers But Eventually Ended Up Getting Discontinued

These car models were the bestsellers of their time. But they had to be discontinued for various reasons. Here are some cars that have gone out of production, but not our hearts!

Getting to the top is one thing, but keeping the top spot is always a struggle. Time has proven that all it takes to drop a best-selling car is often just a trend change. This is why automakers continue to innovate and introduce more models with improved functionality and modified design. If you’ve owned one of these best-selling, discontinued cars, you know how painful it is to say goodbye to a beautiful car design. Check them out:

Maruti Gypsy


The Maruti Gypsy’s 34-year run ended in 2019. It was a popular military and police vehicle and also loved by civilian drivers craving adventure. Although the Maruti Gypsy only offered basic functions and had no airbags even in the second generation of the vehicle, it was a sturdy vehicle and functional for the armed forces. It could be modified, upgraded and was good for off-road riding. The last recorded sale price of this gypsy was 6.4 lakhs (INR).

Maruti Suzuki Omni


You can think of this van as the vehicle that took you or your children to school. This vehicle was mainly used for commercial purposes and sometimes as public transport as it was spacious enough for about 10 people. Maruti witnessed huge success with the Omni, and many such vans can still be seen on the roads even today. Even if the van is no longer in production, it will be easily recognizable and will always remain a part of our memories.

Honda Civic


A luxury car loved by many, the Honda Civic hit the market at a decent price range of around 17 lakhs. This sedan eventually gained popularity, but it was not enough to sustain production. After facing financial instability, Honda had to make tough decisions about continuing with car models that didn’t get the response they wanted. The Honda Civic was one such model. However, it came as a shock to both customers and the industry, as the car was one of the best-in-class models, with excellent features.

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10


The news that Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is being discontinued has been a heartbreaker for many Indian homes. As we know Maruti Suzuki is a household name in India because of cars like the Maruti 800 and Alto. The Alto received a new definition of class and good features in this new version. It was an easy-to-maintain, cost-effective car, but had to be discontinued to make way for the new Maruti S-Presso. These classic Maruti cars can still be seen on Indian roads even though they have been discontinued.


Some cars can go out of production, but can never leave our hearts. Such cars have a long history as part of Indian homes, which makes them memorable. Do you have a car that is no longer available?

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