Best Used Cars at the Right Price Lists Consumer Reports

Best Used Cars at the Right Price Lists Consumer Reports

Finding a good reliable used car from a trusted brand

Buying a good used car is fraught with the reality that too often too little is known about the history of a used car. In fact, some mechanics point out that when it comes to buying a used car, it’s really a matter of how well-maintained the car is, over the reputation of the make and model when buyers ask the well-intentioned question, “Which model is best ?”

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However, according to the current Consumer Reports There’s something to be said about buying used cars with confidence when looking for a used car from a reliable brand you can trust.

And where does the trust come from? It is the result of a careful analysis of research data collected by car owners who say it is with the last car they bought, regarding the pros and cons they found as car owners under real-world driving conditions for a wide range of brands and models.

However, keep in mind that multiple models within brands do not always score equally well. Therefore, when shopping for used cars it is relevant to know how the brands compare in general AND which models within the brands are proven reliable shiners as opposed to less reliable and/or less safe sister models within each year of production.

Used car shopping made less complicated

That said, buying a used car is complicated when trying to make an informed purchase decision. However, to help you find the car you want, Consumer Reports analysts have already done the work for you.

The good news is that there are several safe and reliable used car choicessaid Jake Fisher, CR’s senior director of automotive testing. †We’ve picked a range of car types from the most trusted brands, including a few that might not be on your radar

With that in mind, here’s a summary of their listing that comes in two parts: (1) Overall Brand Reliability by Customer Surveys. (2) Eight featured models from their list of the most trusted brands of the 2017 model year.

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According to CR’s brand ratings, choosing almost any model from Toyota or Lexus will greatly increase your chances of choosing a good used car, as long as it has been reasonably maintained. Lexus came out on top with a reliability score of 91 while Toyota came in second with a reliability score of 84. However, it is fair to note that Toyota has 12 models compared to Lexus with 5 models.

Next in order for the top 10 rated reliable brands we have:

#3. ACURA (average reliability: 81)

#4. INFINITI (average confidence: 77)

#5. MERCEDES-BENZ (average reliability: 66)

#6. NISSAN (average reliability:65)

#7. BUICK (average reliability: 61)

#8. MAZDA (average reliability: 61)

#9, LINCOLN (mean reliability:59)

#10. VOLKSWAGEN (average reliability: 59)


1. Luxury Midsize SUV: 2017 Lexus RX
2017 Lexus RX
Price Range: $33,150 – $38,650
Owner-reported MPG: 21 mpg

2. 3 Row Mid-Sized SUV: 2017 Toyota Highlander
Price Range: $24,950 – $34,150
Owner-reported MPG: 22 mpg

3. Compact SUV: 2017 Honda CR-V
Price Range: $21,925 – $27,350
Owner-reported MPG: 29 mpg

4. Mid-size 2-row SUV: 2017 Nissan Murano
Price Range: $33,210 – $46,460 (2022 prices, N/A for 2017 currently listed)
CR MPG: General 21 / City 15 / Hwy 29 mpg

5. Mid-Sized Saloon: 2017 Subaru Legacy
Price Range: $23,495 – $36,695 (2022 prices, N/A for 2017 currently listed)
CR MPG: Overall 28 / City 19 / Hwy 39 mpg

6. Large Saloon: 2017 Buick LaCrosse
Price Range: $18,825 – $25,375
Owner-reported MPG: 26 mpg

7. Luxury sedan: Infiniti Q50 2017
Price Range: $19,175 – $28,950
Owner-reported MPG: 22 mpg

8. Compact Car: 2017 Mazda 3
Price Range: $16,500 – $19,050
Owner-reported MPG: 30 mpg

And finally…

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