Best vehicles in GTA Online for completing heists

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Heist missions are an integral part of GTA Online. They are arguably the most entertaining and popular method of earning money and RP in the game and are generally loved by the player base. However, raid missions are often very time consuming as they require a lot of planning and configuration in advance.

Given the above, vehicle choice is often the deciding factor in raid missions. If you are wondering which car is the best then this article is for you. Below are the five most effective vehicles for players to use during Heist missions in GTA Online.

Note: This article reflects the author’s subjective opinion only.

Five of the most useful vehicles players can use during Heist missions in GTA Online

5) Night shark

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HVY Nightshark is an armored four-door SUV that was introduced in GTA Online in the Gunrunning Update and has since become a popular choice among players.

The Nightshark performs quite well for an armored vehicle of this caliber. It offers smooth handling, making it suitable for corners, and has excellent acceleration and top speed. However, it is prone to understeer in fast corners.

The Nightshark is invulnerable to explosives and can withstand up to four missiles. When upgraded to the max, it can also withstand up to 27 homing missiles, making it one of the most durable cars in the game.

4) Armed Tampa

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Weaponized Tampa is a two-door weaponized car that was introduced in the Gunrunning update of GTA Online. Being one of the fastest armed vehicles, it slightly outperforms its unarmed alternative.

Despite its mediocre handling compared to the regular model, the all-wheel drive excels in responsiveness to rough roads, bumps and uneven terrain; however, these come at the cost of oversteer at medium speeds. Due to its high weight, it is the optimal choice for ramming against vehicles of comparable or lower weight.

In addition to its sturdy body, it also comes with a forward-facing minigun. However, like most ground vehicle machine guns, the minigun can only aim forward and offers the same offensive capabilities as any mounted minigun.

The vehicle can be upgraded to include two rotating miniguns that are limited to an elevation angle of approximately -10 to 20 degrees and provide 360 ​​degrees of coverage, making this vehicle highly deadly against enemies.

3) Rebellious Pickup Custom

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The HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom in GTA Online is a modified Light Armored Personnel Vehicle that is similar to both its stock counterpart and the unarmed Insurgent, except for a slightly faster-running engine. It can also be equipped with a rather distinctive turbo engine sound. However, according to the Social Club statistics, the modified version differs mainly in acceleration, with a slightly faster acceleration than the standard version.

When the Armor option is adjusted to 100 percent, the vehicle can withstand up to 27 homing missiles, 14 RPGs (assuming it has a driver), or intense gunfire.

The vehicle, like the standard version, is equipped with a turret that provides 360-degree coverage and an altitude range of -20 to 30 degrees, making it the best option for taking out close and low-flying targets.

2) Armored Kuruma

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If speed is what you’re looking for, Armored Kuruma might just be the best option for you. It is fast enough to evade the police and can survive enemy gunfire. Some may say that the success or failure of a mission depends on its performance.

It has bulletproof windows, which only leave bullet holes when fired at. In addition, the thin panels of the vehicle protect the player from heavy damage.

Armored Kuruma is also resistant to crash deformation and the wheels are impervious to impact. In addition, because the Armored model has better handling than its stock counterpart, it can withstand a spinout. It’s one of the best for off-road riding, and its excellent traction makes it the optimal choice for uphill riding.

1) Civil Guard

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Vigilante is an armed sports car with good handling and offensive qualities that can compete with powerful and armed vehicles. It has fast acceleration, excellent grip and almost perfect handling. Plus, it can easily plow through traffic due to its tapered front end and similar mass to the Insurgent.

Like Rocket Voltic, the Vigilante has a rocket booster that allows for rapid acceleration. Since it charges significantly faster than other boosters – just 2.5 seconds – it works better than most boosters. The impact on NPCs, people and vehicles is also much stronger.

Vigilante also comes with two forward-firing machine guns and missiles that can deal heavy damage to enemies. The Vigilante’s armor is nearly impact resistant and has bulletproof windows, which is the perfect defense against gunfire.

Edited by Mithilesh Bhaumik
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