BMW M3 CS in Frozen Solid White – Best M Car Color?

bmw m3 cs frozen solid white 04

One of the benefits of buying the BMW M3 CS about the more powerful, more expensive ones M4 CSL are the color options. The M4 CSL was quite limited, down to just three color options: Black Sapphire Metallic, Brooklyn Gray and Alpine White. However, the M3 CS not only has one more option, it gets even more interesting choices. While it’s still black and gray, you can get it too Signal Green and Frozen Solid White. The latter is what can be seen in this new photo gallery and it could be the best color.

Getting a BMW M car in white is pretty unimaginative, but there’s something cool about BMW’s frozen whites. They have a depth that makes the car look more interesting than just your normal white paint. It’s not as pretty as some of Lexus’ luxury whites, but Frozen Solid White has a sporty sharpness that makes it a surprisingly good match for the M3 CS.

bmw m3 cs frozen plain white 09 830x553
Photo by for BMW M

It also contrasts really well with the black and carbon fiber accents. The two black stripes on the bonnet really pop and the lack of CSL style red accents on those stripes makes white work better. White on the M4 CSL is a bit too contrasty due to the extra red accents, but the M3 CS is better without it. The carbon fiber really pops out too, making it stand out even more. On a black car, the carbon accents are visually lost in a sea of ​​darkness, so it’s nice to make them stand out more with a white paint job.

This particular car also has gold wheels and I will always be a proponent of gold wheels. They look great on most colors but really help to add some excitement to a white car. On the BMW M3 CS they look absolutely amazing, mainly because they are essentially the same wheels as the M4 CSL, just in a different colour, so they look special.

While I’ll never be able to afford an M3 CS, if I were somehow so lucky, a Frozen White car with gold wheels might just be the color I get. That of Signal Green with black wheels.

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