Bringing a Mercedes project car to collect barn finds

Toyota Supra

Gearheads are an interesting group of people. Capable of unimaginable feats like swapping engines in cars that have nothing to do with it in the first place, but also unable to have enough foresight to properly plan a plan of action once the engine is up and running .

Or in the case of YouTuber, superspeedersRobfinding the ultimate unicorn in owner form, barn find MKIV Toyota Supra, yet drive your beat-up $1,000 Mercedes-Benz when you have a fleet of reliable cars — and even a few flatbeds — 230 miles from New Jersey to Washington DC

As he loads the trunk with a slew of tools, a spare tire, a new battery, a tank of gas and an air gun, Rob’s prospects remain hopelessly optimistic as he plans to drive the Supra back.

Did we mention it’s been standing still for nearly a decade?

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At least there’s another Supra

As it trudges over 100 miles, it looks like the Mercedes is going to prove everyone wrong and make it smooth out there. But as we know, an old German car is going to do old German car stuff if you give it too much credit.

Because, like a clock you can set your watch on, the dreaded Benz “Visit Workshop” display began to illuminate the cluster gauge. Rob stops shortly afterwards to assess the situation and finds that his oars have remained intact, but the rat’s nest that now lives in the engine compartment is new.

Luckily, they’re a few dozen miles from the destination at this point, leaving Rob feeling confident enough to stumble across the final stretch.

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Cheap projects add up quickly

In this case, the destination was well worth the journey, as they arrive on a clean – albeit dusty – Supra. With only 141,000 original miles and one original owner, the situation seems too good to be true.

And it was. Although Rob still walks away with the Supra in his possession, he notices that the car will not start after filling the gas tank and charging the battery. To make matters worse, Rob realizes that the Mercedes decided to call it quits as soon as they arrived at the location. Force Rob to place the new battery, intended for the Supra, in the Benz.

Right now it seems bleak when you have two unusable cars in someone else’s driveway. But with that gearshift ingenuity, Rob heads to the local AutoZone in the Mercedes to pick up some new batteries. One for the Supra and another for the Benz that Rob has just notified that the alternator has failed, inevitably draining the newly installed battery.

After the battery swap didn’t work in the Supra, Rob gives up and orders a tow truck for the Supra as he drives off in the Mercedes, leaving us wondering if he ever got home?

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