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Find the right car for you

Shop around before buying a new or used car to get the best deal.

car dealers

Buying through a car dealer can be more expensive than buying privately. But there are some benefits, such as a warranty.

Keep in mind that most sellers work on commission. If you feel pressured by a salesperson, move to another dealer or speak to the manager.

Know that as a buyer you have rights. Visit you state or territory consumer protection agency to know your rights when buying from a car dealer.

Car dealers will try to sell you extras such as: additional car insurance† This includes loan protection, gap coverage and tire and rim protection. These products are not good value for money. Don’t feel pressured to buy them.

Private sale

Buying from a private seller can be cheaper than from a dealer, but you don’t always know what you’re getting. Make sure you:


Buying a car at an auction can be cheaper, but you get no warranty, no test drive and no inspection. Check the paperwork and do your homework before bidding.