Car news this week: Top stories May 1-7, 2022

Car news this week: Top stories May 1-7, 2022

Want to keep up to date with the world of automotive news? These are the biggest stories of the past week.

Every week we’ll keep you updated and bring you the ‘water cooler’ information about what’s been happening in the world of cars and driving with the five biggest stories we’ve covered. Here’s what you need to know…

Renault sells Lada for two cents

If you were shopping for a new Lada in Russia last week, you could have picked up a base-model Lada Granta sedan for $15,700 — or, for 727,900th the price, 68 percent of the entire company.

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, Renault sold its majority stake in Lada’s parent company AvtoVAZ for one ruble, or $AU0.02 – albeit a nominal sum – to a state-backed institution. Click here for the full story.

New Zealand sales crash as Clean Car Policy comes into effect

New emissions regulations now in effect in New Zealand – which penalize heavily polluting vehicles and reward buyers of vehicles that emit little to no CO2 – have pulled ute and four-wheel drive sales on the handbrake, sparking criticism from the auto industry .

Small Chinese electric car arrives with old-fashioned name

Chinese automaker Changan has unveiled the Lumin Corn, a pocket-sized electric car designed to rival General Motors’ best-selling Wuling Mini EV. Click here for the story.

Controversial Nikola electric truck goes into production – with a caveat

US start-up Nikola – which has faced multiple fraud allegations over the past 18 months – has finally unveiled its first production vehicle… but it’s little more than an Iveco truck with a new electric powertrain. Click here for the full story.

Toyota HiLux SR5 technical upgrade kit

Australia’s best-selling new car, the Toyota HiLux ute, will receive a range of technology upgrades later this year, including blind spot monitoring, following traffic warning and 360-degree camera systems that will be available on the best-selling cars. SR5. Click here for the full story.

These are the most read stories of the week. You can read all the car news covered by To ride on our news feed here.

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