Cheapest Auto Stocks to Buy in 2022 –

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The prices of new cars have been rising for decades. And now the cost of owning a car has become one of the most expensive costs faced by consumers. Owning a car is simply not affordable for Americans. It is therefore not surprising that new sales have fallen sharply in recent years. With more and more people unable to afford the high cost of ownership, automakers are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their cars for a profit. Auto stocks were among the worst-performing S&P 500 stocks this year, making them excellent value. In light of these factors, we see plenty of reasons to be optimistic about cars in the long term. And in this article we explain why.

Polestar Automotive Holding UK (PSNY)

We start our discussion by looking at Polestar Automotive Holding UK (PSNY), which we expect to be the best priced auto stock in 2022. At the end of October, Volvo Cars announced that it would divest its high-performance electric car brand and create a new, privately held company called Polestar Automotive Holding UK. As a standalone company, Polestar will focus on building a global brand around its electric performance cars, the company said. And since the Polestar brand isn’t widely known among US customers, we think Polestar Automotive Holding will start with a clean slate.

General Motors Company (GM)

Next on our list of the cheapest auto stocks to buy in 2022 is General Motors Company (GM), a name many readers will find familiar. The company is one of the Big Three automakers that dominate the North American auto market. While the company has had its share of ups and downs, GM has seen a remarkable turnaround in the past decade. Since the financial crisis, the company has refocused its efforts on producing high-quality, high-tech cars. And the strategy has paid off: GM has posted consistent gains in recent years and recorded record profits in 2018. In addition, GM is one of the most innovative automakers in the world. And when it comes to self-driving cars, the company is well ahead of its competitors. As a result, we expect GM to be one of the first companies to launch autonomous vehicles. That’s why we see GM as one of the cheapest auto stocks to buy in 2022.

Tesla (TSLA)

Next on our list of the cheapest car stocks to buy in 2022 is Tesla (TSLA). We know that many readers are skeptical about Tesla’s future. After all, the company’s financial situation is far from stable. Tesla consumes money quickly and struggles to meet production targets for its Model 3 sedan. But there are two reasons to be optimistic about Tesla. First, the company has shown that it can overcome significant challenges. Second, Tesla has survived the past decade, and second, full of near-death experiences. And each time, the company has managed to get through. In light of these events, we think Tesla is worth holding on to.

Harley Davidson (HOG)

Finally, we’ll wrap up our discussion by looking at Harley-Davidson (HOG), which we expect to be the best-priced auto stock to buy in 2022. Harley has been one of the iconic American brands for decades. But in recent years, the company has struggled to attract customers. As sales have fallen, the company is struggling to maintain its profit margins. And while Harley has tried to appeal to a wider customer base with new products and marketing strategies, those efforts have yet to pay off. As a result, Harley’s profits have fallen in the past year. And the company’s share price has also fallen sharply during that time.


Several factors will drive car sales over the next decade. Rising interest rates, the rise of self-driving vehicles and the impact of global climate change regulations will all play a role. But of these factors, the emergence of autonomous vehicles is likely to have the biggest impact on the industry. Autonomous cars will change the way people travel. They increase the distance people are willing to travel, making car travel easier for many people. And as autonomous vehicles become more widely used, they will also have a significant impact on car sales. That’s because autonomous vehicles will likely be cheaper than today’s cars, leading to higher sales. We think the current slump in auto sales is now a great time to buy into the industry. When the market changes, auto stocks will make excellent long-term investments.