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Lexus LX600 Feature

The Lexus The LX 600 is heavily based on the Toyota Land Cruiser. This suggests that the car will be great off-road while offering ultimate luxury. The luxury car makes its appearance, with a massive, imposing grille. Even taking into account the current trend among oversized grille manufacturers, the LX 600 has one of the largest on the market. This car is not a discreet option, and whoever stands out will certainly achieve it.

The cars start at $88,000 for the base model, with prices going up to nearly $130,000 for the high-end “Ultra Luxury” equipment. Since the car’s cousin, the Land Cruiser, is no longer sold in the United States, the Lexus LX 600 is a very good alternative, albeit an expensive one. Here are some of the car’s best features.

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8 creep control

As with many traditional off-road vehicles, the LX 600 is equipped with a ladder chassis. This is the same as on the Toyota Land Cruiser, a car that needs no introduction when it comes to off-road capability. Improved suspension and solid axles can be easily integrated into this kind of setup. As standard, the adaptive suspension not only improves ride quality and minimizes body roll, but also enhances off-road capabilities.

A cruise control-like feature called “crawl control” moves the car forward in a slow but controlled manner. This feature uses the traction control system that controls the car’s brakes to stop wheel spin on low-traction surfaces.

7 All-new infotainment system

Like the rest of the interior, the infotainment system has been completely redesigned for this fourth-generation model. The focal point of the cabin and the infotainment system itself is a dual screen arrangement. A 12.0-inch touchscreen is mounted on the dashboard, and below it is a smaller 7.0-inch screen. The graphics are clear and fit a modern system.

The system features integrated voice control, making adjustments on the go easier. To satisfy audiophiles, a Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound uses 25 speakers spread across the cabin to produce great sound.

6 Rear captain’s seats

The top model of the range is called “Ultra Luxury”, cars specified in this trim receive various modifications at the rear of the cabin. The most notable of these is the deletion of the standard 3-seater sofa and the addition of two captain’s chairs.

The chairs are like large armchairs and comfort has certainly been taken into account in their construction. The side bolsters, along with the rest of the seat, are crafted with plenty of padding. This design helps minimize vibrations from lumps and bumps in the road reaching occupants and improves perceived ride quality.

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5 Most powerful engine ever mounted

Under the hood is a brand new petrol engine. The unit is a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 capable of generating 415 horsepower. 0-60 mph takes 6.9 seconds and the top speed of the car is 130 mph. Power is transferred to the wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Compared to the previous car, the new engine is more powerful and takes up less space, while also improving fuel economy. The old LX 570 had a 5.7 liter V8 and was therefore considerably thirstier. 383 horsepower is being developed, so the newer, smaller engines trump it. The old car was also considerably heavier and weighed 200 kg more than the LX 600.

4 Power withdrawing ottoman

The car has an all-new interior, bringing a much-needed upgrade to the range. One of the other major changes coming to the “Ultra Luxury” specification is the addition of a power protracting pouf, which provides support for the lower legs and calves† The front passenger seat can be moved forward at the touch of a button, while at the same time the rear seats can be adjusted to provide a massive 41.1 inches of legroom.

For added luxury, two rear-mounted infotainment screens ensure the enjoyment of the captain’s seat occupants. Likewise, integrated sun shades and vents ensure the rear area is the most comfortable place for those sitting there.

3 Connected Lexus App

Like many products today, smartphone connection via an app allows the management of a number of important functions and settings. Likewise, Lexus supports compatibility with smartwatches. The car can be started remotely and maintenance appointments can be scheduled

Another additional advantage is the possibility to easily tune the car to your personal preferences. With “profiles” individual settings can be transferred from car to car. The app provides a health report and helps to notify the driver of any problems before they start causing a harmful effect.

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2 Multi-Terrain Select

Multi-Terrain Select helps ensure that the car can withstand various off-road driving conditions. There are five modes to switch between: dirt, sand, mud, deep snow and automatic. The presets help the car prepare its systems for the expected conditions. Multi-Terrain Select uses a selection of sensors to determine the most suitable setup in automatic mode.

Multi-Terrain Monitor is another system that assists the driver when they are off the beaten track. A live video feed showing the position of the front wheels is displayed on the top infotainment screen. This is designed to help drivers navigate around objects such as rocks and fallen trees.

1 Industry-leading pulling power

Towing capacity is an important factor in a large, luxury SUV. Buyers who can afford to buy such a vehicle generally have a lot of disposable income. Therefore, they may want to take any number of “toys” with them. From boats, horses and camping trailers, there is demand to transport them all.

The LX 600 does well in this department, offering an 8,000lb capacity with Trailer Sway Control. In comparison: the mighty Range Rover, maybe the original SUV will come out at 7,000 lbs

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