Deadline Detroit | Good guy with gun can’t stop bad guy with gun, gets hit by his own now stolen car

Deadline Detroit |  Good guy with gun can't stop bad guy with gun, gets hit by his own now stolen car

A potential buyer of a used Bentley in Troy turned out to be a thief, and even a rifled gun couldn’t stop him—not while he was already behind the wheel. He used the car to hit the salesman, whose gun went off.

Look out for a 2004 Bentley, white with red interior. (Fox 2 video)

Fox 2 Detroit has the story on what happened when the two met to negotiate the $39,000 white Bentley in a parking lot on Big Beaver Road:

While looking at the car, the suspect sat in the driver’s seat of the car and pulled out a gun. When the suspect turned around, the victim pulled out his gun.

According to police, the suspect drove up to the victim, punched him and knocked him to the ground. The victim’s gun accidentally went off, police said.

The suspect then fled in the car. Passengers who had left the suspects in the vehicle in which they had arrived with the suspect.

The victim was not injured. The Fox report points out the obvious: that when someone buying an item wants to meet up in a quiet area with few people around, it’s a big red flag. Police stations, such as the one in Troy, generally have video surveillance and their parking lots are a much safer meeting place.

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