DIY transport offers the best cost of shipping a car

DIY Transport Provides The Best Cost Of Shipping A Car
DIY transport offers the best cost of shipping a car

Join hands with the DIY Transport team and customers will have the chance to ship their cars from one destination to another without investing a lot of money in the same service.

Here the customers only need to state the area from which they want to transport the car and the routine of the final destination. Premium international shipping services are available at a pre-set auto cost. So no one has to break a bank to transport cars to the desired location.

There are two different types of transport. One is the Open and another is the Enclosed transport. The enclosed transportation is considered a bit expensive and is also considered safe. Here the vehicle remains fully protected within a fence, which will help to transport the vehicle safely to the new destination. The customers are asked to provide exact details of the vehicle to be transported in order to get the best cost of shipping a car.

At a recent press conference, this company’s lead spokesperson was heard saying, “You may be wondering how much it costs to ship a car. Well, our car transportation costs for about 1 to 400 miles will vary within a range of just $1 per mile. So for a 400-mile trip, the cost is $400. If the distance is greater, the rate of the service is cheaper. In some cases, you might pay around 5 cents per mile, just depending on a few factors such as the weight and size of the car, the time of year, and the current price of diesel fuel.

This company has set up its services for the general public so the rate is always on the low side. For 1 to 500 miles, the rate is $1 per mile. For 500+ miles, the fare is $0.75. Then the rate for coverage over 1000 miles is 60 cents and for over 2000 miles people have to pay 50 cents per mile. A lot depends on the finalization of the fare from the distance to the type of carriers used.

To find out more about the services available and how much the final shipping cost will be, it is always advisable to log into the official website online and answer the questions. Online professionals are always available to chat and answer your problems to get the best service.

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