Does Arsenal have the best car collection in the Premier League?

Does Arsenal have the best car collection in the Premier League?

Bugatti Type 35 Baby II, anyone?

If you have a desire to own a shrunken electric replica of some of the world’s greatest cars ever, then The small car company can make your dreams come true. We’re talking Bugatti Type 35 Baby II, Aston Martin DB5 Junior or Ferrari Testa Rossa J. Each is beautifully put together and can hit 55mph (if you don’t have the limiter engaged). Previously the only way to see one was at the company’s headquarters in Bicester, but now a small Ferrari is on permanent display in Selfridges’ technical basement. Since they’re all fun, it’s worth checking them out because the slow Power Wheels you had when you were a kid aren’t.

The auto release of the week

Morgan, the small Worcestershire sports car company, has released the Super 3, a modern version of the three-wheel runabout that formed the foundation of the company more than a century ago. With a 117 horsepower 1.5-litre engine under its jet-engine-like hood, there’s plenty of power to play with. It may only have three wheels, but it’s a blast to hop around in – aided by a raspy exhaust, of course. As Morgan, you can specify it however you want, and there’s a configurator to waste an afternoon with. Happy speculating!