Drug raids, firearms, car accidents, brawls, fires… these are Keith Richards’ worst abrasions

Drug raids, firearms, car accidents, brawls, fires... these are Keith Richards' worst abrasions

Despite his narcotic adventures over the years, in the early 1980s, Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards claimed he only missed one ton gig, blaming a “dodgy burger”.

More recently, the Stones have had to reschedule tours twice due to Keith’s accidents, but the reasons were relatively mundane: In 1998, he fell from a ladder while “trying to pick up a book” at the library of his Connecticut home, causing damage. sustained his ribs and chest. And in April 2006, he famously fell from a coconut tree in Fiji and injured his head. He later apologized for “falling off his stick.”

What follows is a rundown of Richards’ more memorable accidents, where things could have gone horribly wrong but somehow didn’t.


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