Ferry passengers ‘make the best of the situation’ while waiting for message about vehicle, possession pick-up

Ferry passengers 'make the best of the situation' while waiting for message about vehicle, possession pick-up

Passengers rescued from the MV Holiday Island fire on Friday will not be able to collect their vehicles and belongings until at least sometime on Saturday, said Don Cormier, vice president of Northumberland Ferries Ltd.

The ferry remains anchored near the dock and is not mobile.

“We’ve called in tugs, asked for assistance to eventually bring the ship into port so we can unload the vehicles on board, and we believe that will be in the next 24 to 48 hours,” Cormier said. said early Friday night.

Many of the nearly 200 passengers had already been accommodated, or were able to find them with friends or family.

Busloads of passengers were taken to Stratford Town Hall, where emergency response officials found shelter for the nearly 40 people without accommodation.

Claire and Jim Delisle await instructions on when to pick up their vehicle. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

The Red Cross has prepared more than 120 care kits for people in need.

Cormier said it was the first time in his 25 years with Northumberland Ferries that a ferry had to be evacuated.

He apologized to the passengers, but many CBC spoke to it casually.

Andrea Tierney said the kids, including her son, seemed to enjoy sliding down the ferry’s inflatable tube to the safety of a dinghy.

We feel very happy. We feel like it could have been a lot worse.— Claire Delisle

They planned a four-day vacation on the island after coming over from Nova Scotia.

“We’re going to spend the night in the Delta, get some toothbrushes, and see what we can do to make the most of it until tomorrow.”

Twelve-year-old Rachael Bonvie said she was scared at the time but felt good once she was safely ashore.

“Me and my brother and my grandparents were on the deck looking at the water because we could just see the island and the fire alarm started going off and we thought someone thought it was funny or it was the alarm to go back to your house. car, but I turned around and smoke was coming from the engine on top. It was pretty scary.”

At first, Rachael Bonvie and her brother Peter thought that maybe someone was playing a prank and pulled the fire alarm. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

Claire Delisle and Jim Conboy from Ottawa came to PEI on a camping trip. Their food and belongings are still in their vehicle on the ferry.

“We feel very lucky. We feel it could have been a lot worse,” Claire said.

“We’re just waiting for a phone call and hopefully we can pick up our vehicle tomorrow.”