Good News Garage donates car to community lawyer

Good News Garage donates car to community lawyer

WORCESTER, Massachusetts — A community advocate for youth homeless and male sex trafficking prevention was assigned a new car on Thursday.

Chris Bates is now the proud owner of a 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe thanks to Good News Garage.

The nonprofit repairs donated cars and partners with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Center to give them to deserving people.

Bates, a sex trafficking survivor, said they will use the car to get to work, teach EMTs, take their dog to vet appointments and allow them to be more active within communities.

“This is really great,” Bates said. “It’s obviously a late start for me to have my first car. I’ve definitely had a rough time, it wasn’t easy getting here, but I’m here and I really appreciate the community’s work. Sources.”

“They are cars that will help people take the next step in life,” said Deidre Christiansen, a customer processor for Good News Garage. “The program is actually to help people get their feet up so they can get back on track with their lives.”

Bates serves as a street outreach case manager at a homeless youth care organization and an advisor to the Executive Office of Health and Human Services on the team working to prevent and end homelessness in youth and young adults.