Good Samaritan helps chase driver, car occupants involved in Rockland County ghost accident

Good Samaritan helps chase driver, car occupants involved in Rockland County ghost accident

BLAUVELT, NY — Dramatic video shows Good Samaritans rushing to help victims on Saturday after a wrong-way driver caused a serious accident in Rockland County.

Police say the driver and three friends, all from England, fled on foot. Tony Aiello of CBS2 spoke to a man who helped chase them.

“It was a very bad decision. I mean, they left an accident where children were very seriously injured, which were small children,” said Jon Ten Eyck.

Ten Eyck knew something was wrong on Saturday afternoon when he heard a terrible crash on Route 303. The moment of the collision was captured on surveillance video.

Ten Eyck soon saw several young men running away from the crime scene to the nearby Metro-Noordbaan. He said he grabbed one and was shocked by his reaction.

“His only concern was having his phone,” Ten Eyck said, and when asked if he showed any concern for the injured, “No. His only concern was, ‘I want to get up and get my phone.’ “

According to Orangetown police, four young men ran away from a BMW that had jumped two “Do Not Enter” signs and drove the wrong way on Greenbush Road in Blauvelt and headed straight for oncoming traffic on 303, causing a head-on collision with produced a Chevy Cruze .

Inside were three adults with six children. Two boys aged 6 and 7 were seriously injured in the crash.

Aiello received a response from a resident near the crime scene.

“It was very sad and very scary. I am sorry to hear that people have been injured,” said Brady Amoonclark of Blauvelt.

Police said 20-year-old Thomas Robb from Harlow, England, a suburb of London, was the wrong-way driver.

Orangetown Police Chief Donald Butterworth said the evidence so far clearly places responsibility on Robb.

“I’m pretty sure England has one-way streets that are clearly marked and you have to understand the ‘wrong way’ and a one-way street,” Butterworth said.

A driver fleeing the scene of a serious injury accident in England or anywhere else is a bad idea. In New York, it’s a crime that carries up to four years in prison.

Robb is also charged with assault and reckless danger.