Google Maps tests tailor-made navigation routes for electric cars

Google Maps tests tailor-made navigation routes for electric cars

Google Maps is one of the world’s most popular navigation systems and now the company is looking for routes specifically tailored for electric vehicles in the name of efficiency and maximum range. The system is still under development and also aims to provide the best fuel efficient and environmentally friendly routes for petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

First reported by 9to5Google, Google has uploaded a version of its Maps application to the Play Store that includes some features that describe how the system might work. There are options for petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid car owners to ensure you get the most efficient route – there may even be a setting to switch to a particular engine type depending on the car you’re driving .

The difference between the routes can be significant for electric and non-electric vehicles, as EVs tend to be more efficient at lower speeds and cars with internal combustion engines can score better MPG on highways. It would make sense to consider not only favorable driving speeds but also the actual roads for the most fuel-efficient route. This could mean that routes can give priority to flat areas to increase the efficiency of the car.

Google Maps can already offer different routes depending on certain criteria, such as avoiding highways, toll roads and live events such as traffic. There is also scope for the new system to provide the best route, including charging stops for electric vehicles (and gas stations for non-EVs).

It has been reported that the US company’s latest feature is currently in beta testing, and no announcement has been made about when it will be available to the public, although it could launch in select markets as early as next year.

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