Gran Turismo 7: 10 Best Starter Cars, Ranked

Gran Turismo 7: 10 Best Starter Cars, Ranked

Choosing the right starter car in Gran Turismo 7 can dictate how fast a player progresses up the ladder. At first, only three cars in the used dealers’ roster fall within the price range new players can afford, but winning a few races means you can afford others in the lineup.

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For that reason, it’s good to take a look at these three initially affordable vehicles and then compare them to other starter cars that can help players gain a competitive edge in Gran Turismo 7. These are the cars that can make or break a race and save time when it comes to player progress.

2 First starter cars

Mazda Demio XD Touring ’15

A blue Mazda from Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the biggest PS5 games of 2022, but its full potential won’t be unlocked right away. Instead, gamers will have to make do with a starter car like this one. With a traditional engine under the hood, the Mazda Demio is one of the most accessible starter cars in the world Gran Turismo 7 queue up. Unlike several other hybrid starter cars in the selection, this vehicle can be customized with a wider range of upgrades.

Add to that the fact that Demio is very easy on the wallet, which is beneficial when starting out. It might not blow the doors off even a mid-range vehicle, but it gives players a bit of freedom of movement when it comes to maximizing the car’s performance to gain an advantage.

Honda Fit Hybrid

Honda Fit from Gran Turismo 7

Anyone who has ridden a Honda Fit knows very well that he will not beat his competitors at a red light. However, when starting in Gran Turismo 7, it pays to have something affordable and reliable. That is, unless players want to upgrade the car.

The Fit’s hybrid engine design means the potential for upgrades is greatly reduced, and that comes with the territory. However, players only need to get to the point where they can afford a more powerful car, making the Honda Fit a rock solid burner. In the meantime, there are plenty of cool cars to turn heads in games like forza 4, one of the best racing titles similar to Gran Turismo.

Toyota Aqua S’11

Toyota Aqua from Gran Turismo 7

Not only is this car affordable, but it also has enough oomph to set it apart from its contemporaries, which is essential for climbing the ladder in those first few crucial races. After that, players can move on to something better and faster, but patience is key.

Buying the S’11 means paying less in the long run, which is important for players just starting out. Of course there are advantages to many other starter cars in the fleet, but the Aqua S’11 has the fastest speed, clocking in at 122 horsepower. Speed ​​isn’t the only factor in winning races, but it certainly helps a lot.

1 Secondary Start Cars

MINI Cooper S ’05

Mini Cooper from Gran Turismo 7

Players who manage to rack up a few more credits after winning a couple of races should definitely set their sights on the MINI Cooper S. It definitely tops the list in terms of speed, clocking in at 420.9 PP, which is a huge step is ahead. In addition, it is a solid and reliable car with great handling.

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This front-wheel drive car may not remain the number one priority for many players as they move forward, but it could serve as the next logical upgrade in addition to the standard three affordable cars that can be picked at the start.

Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC) ’90

Mazda RX-7 from Gran Turismo 7

Secondary starter cars aren’t much cheaper than the RX-7, which is a good deal considering its 436.0 PP performance. The RX-7 is a staple of Gran Turismo games (without the third installment) since the original title debuted on the PlayStation in 1997.

It’s easy to see why, given the car’s 203 horsepower from an FR powertrain, not to mention the signature lines and hot styling. It’s hard to beat as a secondary car after players get a few extra credits, but it does have competition from other vehicles in the user car’s parking lot.

Honda Integra Type R (DC2) ’98

A Honda Integra from Gran Turismo 7

The GT Citroën was one of the coolest cars in video game history, courtesy of Gran Turismo 5, but for the first time GT7 players will have to settle for spicy starter cars like this one. Going back as far as Gran Turismo 2, the Integra Type R is a common car choice in the franchise. A Type R can be bought for a respectable price from the used car dealer, offering 444.3 PP in return for the investment.

Often associated with the Acura brand in the west, the Integra boasted 197 horsepower from an FF powertrain. The Type R name is a reference to the car’s finely tuned 1.8-litre VTEC B18 engine and stripped-down chassis, making it lighter on the track.

Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX Type R STi Ver.VI ’99

Subaru WRX from Gran Turismo 7

The crazy name aside, the Impreza Coupe WRX Type R is a clear contender for a secondary starter car as players gobble up more credits. The car has 458.8 PP, which is the absolute top in terms of performance and return on investment.

Another long-running featured Gran Turismo car, the Impreza draws 276 horsepower from a 4WD drivetrain, a signature feature of the car. It stands out for its aggressive design and ambitious track performance, making it a solid go-to option.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR ’98

Mitsubishi Lancer from Gran Turismo 7

With a solid 479.3 PP to its credit, the Lancer Evolution is one of the fastest secondary starter cars in the world. Gran Turismo 7, all without breaking the bank. It may take some effort to get there, but the hard work will pay off when players come to dominate future races.

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Like the Impreza Coupé, the Lancer Evolution also uses a 4WD powertrain, while duplicating that car’s 276 horsepower. It features sport-tuned suspension for track racing, with a turbocharged engine to provide the extra horses where needed.

Nissan Fairlady Z Version S ’07 (Z33)

Nissan Fairlady from Gran Turismo 7

The Fairlady (also known as the 350Z) was the natural successor to the classic Nissan 300ZX, with better styling and a faster engine. In Gran Turismo 7, the car has a remarkable 511.4 PP, all for just over 30,000 credits, making it a great option for players who value performance. These kind of cars are why Gran Turismo 7 was one of the best games to play in March 2022.

Upgrading the Fairlady is also in the offing and could become one of the classics to stick in a player’s garage for the long haul. The only caveat is that it can also be won by finishing in the top three at the Japanese Clubman Cup 550 during the GT Café Menu Book No. 18 race, so it’s up to players to decide how best to proceed.

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