Grand Theft Auto 6’s change in humor is good for the franchise


Few franchises have made as much impact in gaming as Grand Theft Auto, and numerous factors explain this. Each GTA title has afforded gamers unparalleled freedom to live out their power fantasies, allowing players to choose to drive carefully, be law-abiding citizens or psychopathic criminals. The games also feature compelling crime dramas, whether that be: GTA 3‘s gritty revenge story of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas‘ story of gangster wars and corrupt cops. Perhaps most notably, the series has consistently distinguished itself from the plethora of open-world games available through the crude and irreverent humor that has made it one of the most controversial franchises of all time.


According to recent reports, things may take a turn for the worse with Grand Theft Auto 6 which could contain more politically correct humor. Although this will definitely mark GTA 6 as a new era for the franchise, it doesn’t mean the series is about to lose its loyal fan base. Rather, the uproar may be just what the series needs to ensure it stays relevant.

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Rockstar Games – The Rebels of Gaming

From the beginning, Rockstar Games has always caused controversy and it has become part of the company’s image. The hatching of GTA 3 was marred by controversy over how players could willfully kill civilians, pick up prostitutes, and demote women. Later GTA titles have also been plagued with controversies, including: GTA Vice Citywho was accused of racism against Haitians, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreaswho turned out to have a hidden sex minigame, and GTA 5where players participated in torture.

These cases ensured that Rockstar Games was always dealing with lawsuits and an angry (mostly non-gaming) audience, but it also caused the media to constantly talk about GTA, which equaled tons of free publicity. Rockstar’s controversial style has never been limited to GTA, however. One of the company’s most controversial games is manhunt, released in 2003. The game received a lot of attention for its unnecessary violence and depictions of brutal murders. It was so graphic that it almost caused a mutiny within Rockstar during development from developers who thought the game was crossing the line.

In recent years, it seems that Rockstar is undergoing a change and becoming more socially aware. Hints of this can be seen in 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2. Although gamers play as violent bandits, the existence of an honor system encourages players to think about the consequences of their actions, while the game actively criticizes the ills of the era it portrays, including slavery, eugenics, and racism. . It’s worth noting that the game doesn’t leave all controversy behind, and while Arthur helps women with their suffrage movement, he generally ignores their cause.

Grand Theft Auto 6 – A New Era for Rockstar Games

The Grand Theft Auto of contemporary times is a very different company, in part because one of its key players, founder Dan Houser, left in 2020. According to a recent Bloomberg report, the following GTA game can feel very different from the games that preceded it. Most notably, it will feature a female protagonist for the first time in franchise history. She will be a Latina serving as half of a Bonnie and Clyde-esque couple. Interestingly, the report also notes that developers are making sure they don’t “knock off” and joke at the expense of marginalized groups.

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The report also details some of the setting, claiming that the original plans would depict both South America and North America. However, things had to be toned down and the game will now be centered around a fictional version of Miami. This lends credence to long-running rumors that the next Grand Theft Auto game takes place in Vice City. Despite the scaling up, the game is reportedly still big and will feature more interiors than ever. In addition, Rockstar plans to constantly update the game and add new missions and cities regularly.

The benefits of GTA 6’s humor change

some loyal GTA fans may see the report as a sign of bad things to come, and an indication that the series is losing the edge it has marked for decades. However, for a game that is consumed as much as GTAit may need to develop a sense of humor that is more aware of the different people it affects. GTA 6 could be Rockstar’s chance to prove that GTA is inclusive and that anyone can join in without feeling like they are the butt of every joke.

With a female protagonist, GTA 6 can do a lot to recover Grand Theft Auto‘s track record with female characters. For most of the franchise’s history, female characters are treated as sexual objects, or are portrayed as materialistic, unintelligent, and generally annoying. While male characters may strive for power, female characters seeking control are portrayed as insane, as is the case with Catalina.

Allowing gamers to play as a woman ensures that the series has female characters with just as much depth and complexity as the many memorable male characters. Of course, the commitment not to knock down doesn’t mean that GTA 6 must renounce the biting satire and shocking humor that the franchise is known for. However, it may mean that the next entry will disrupt fewer feathers.

In what may be good news for many, GTA 6 is expected to be released in 2024, although some developers are skeptical that the game, which has reportedly been in development since 2014, will be ready by then. With the studio that deviates from the typical GTA formula, it is understandable that it may take a little longer. Whichever way the game goes, it’s likely, in typical Rockstar fashion, it will raise the bar for open-world gaming.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is under development.

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