Grand Tour and Top Gear producer breaks down iconic Clarkson, Hammond and May moments

Top Gear Bolivia Special

Over the years, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have been part of some really great TV specials dating back to Top Gear. Of course we remember the classics like Botswana and the USA, plus the ill-fated yet spectacular Patagonia special. More recently, on The Grand Tour we’ve had the Mongolia and Seamen specials, plus the brand new A Scandi Flick adventure which is arguably the best of The Grand Tour yet.

At the heart of it all was producer Andy Wilman, who has produced the show with The Grand Tour from its Top Gear days to the present day. He has had so many special adventures with the trio that culminated in this latest adventure. He recently sat down with IGV Presents for a video on their YouTube channel to break down some of the most iconic specials he’s been a part of throughout his career. He is fortunate to have been able to oversee some incredible adventures with the three presenters.

Breaking down the latest adventure in Scandinavia

Willman starts talking about A Scandi Flick, and it was actually resurrected from the ashes as they originally would in Russia from a gulag and up to Murmansk. Then Covid-19 got in the way, after a lot of preparation was done for the special in early 2020. They took the bones of the idea, and of course couldn’t go to Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, and went to Scandinavia to do the special. revive in another special. The rally cars were chosen so that they could have cars that were fast and sexy on ice, with no loss of performance.

Wilman was also talking about the accident with May in the tunnel, and he was actually zooming with a guy who had a cargo plane he wanted to film when the accident happened. When asked if they were okay with safety, Willman replied just as someone came in and said May had had a big crash! Wilman then moves on to the Seamen special, the title that actually comes from the Amazon marketing team. The idea of ​​using boats grew out of a decision to do things differently and take a break from cars, and the South China Sea ending was just a spectacle and a half.

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Towards more iconic specials

That was brutal, and Wilman said that on the day The Grand Tour crossed the sea, lives were lost further down the sea. Amazingly, all the presenters and film crew were able to get through that mess. The Top Gear special in the US, featuring the three $1,000 cars, was next on the agenda. Wilman said the film was originally going to be only 25 minutes, but there was enough material for an entire show. Rather than cut the show and throw away footage, they decided to release it as a whole show.

Purely by accident, it worked. And they all acted like it was always a special, but it did lead to other specials. Wilman talked about how it took the three a while to find their rhythm, cheering the BBC on for letting the chemistry between the three fuse and gel, which had already happened in 2007, when the US special came out. Then there were the politically incorrect slogans that almost led to a riot at an Alabama gas station.

She said she was going to get the boys

That headline is a quote from the show, when they pulled into a gas station and it started when the rednecks saw the logos. It was “terrifying” then, as Wilman put it, with only getting scarier coming out of Argentina. The team just got into their cars and ran, and of course they weren’t prepared for the carnage that was to unfold. Anyone who watched it will remember how terrifying the images were as the team struggled to remove the logos from the cars.

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Get ready for more Grand Tour specials

Finally, a police officer pulled the Top Gear team over him, which dispersed the rednecks. He commended them for what they did, rightly so, as Wilman said, but he was very polite about everything. There’s been some footage on social media of the trio in Krakow getting ready for their next special, so we know there’s more to come from Wilman and the boys in the not-too-distant future. We’re really excited about what’s to come, with A Scandi Flick arguably the best special the team has been involved in in recent years. We just can’t wait.

Source: IGV presents YouTube channel