GTA Online Best Auto Shop Location & Price

Daniel Borjas

Published: October 27, 2022, 05:08

If you are interested in buying an Auto Shop in GTA Online, we are here to tell you which one is the best to buy.

There are many different properties you can buy in GTA Online. Each home has a different function for each of these places, so it pays to buy these locations. One of those properties is the car shops available to buy.

If you want to do more, it is in your best interest to buy a car shop so that you can do some exclusive contract jobs. But which one gives you the most benefits in GTA Online? We are going to discuss here what is the best car shop to buy in-game.

Where are the car shops located?

GTA Online Auto Shops
There are five different car shops to choose from in GTA Online. (Photo: Rockstar Games)

Players should be happy because all GTA Online car shops are in town. with the Tuner DLC, most new car missions start in the city. So you don’t have to travel far to get to a car shop. These are the locations where the car stores are in GTA Online:

  • Mission – $1,670,000
  • Strawberry – $1,705,000
  • Rancho – $1,750,000
  • Burton – $1,830,000
  • La Mesa – $1,920,000

One of the better ways to decide which auto shop to choose is to look at your other properties. There are times when having properties together in GTA is the best option and most convenient. Of course, this could be your first home, so you may not have that to help you with your decision.

What is the best car shop in GTA Online?

GTA Online Auto Shops
How fast you can get to the missions is a good way to determine which car shop is the best. (Photo: Rockstar Games)

We have a recommendation for you if you still don’t know which car shop is the best to buy. The first thing to know is that technically it doesn’t matter which auto shop you buy from. You still have the same access to the contracts and exotic exports no matter which car shop you choose.

With that out of the way, we think the Burton auto shop is the best to buy. The reason for this is because of mission locations. Looking ahead to the missions you get from auto shops, we can see that the Burton requires you to travel the shortest distance between them, making tasks go by faster.

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Featured image courtesy of Rockstar Games.

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